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Models I met and liked: Natarsha Orsman.

Posted on December 11, 2013

Before I go ahead and type up the interview, I’ve got to say something: Yes, I do realise that I haven’t done a ‘Models I met and liked’ in a really long time. I don’t know why. I kind of just stopped for a while because I got a little sick of it and because I felt like I was running out of models I wanted to interview. Then, I later got a job across both Clyne and Nova (modelling agencies). I’m still doing that job right now. It’s part time, it doesn’t involve booking models and this blog sits as a separate thing so don’t feel like you’re going to be only seeing models from those two agencies on here. Whoever I like…


Models I met and liked: Isaac Silva Looker.

Posted on December 20, 2012

Name: Isaac Silva Looker Agency: N Model Management Age: 19 Height: 5’10″ Ethnicity: Mexican, Native American [Editor’s Note: It’s these two and something else I wrote down that I can’t read because my handwriting sucks, apparently.] How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it? I’ve been modelling two years. Ngahuia [N Model Management owner] found me on Facebook. She scouted me while I was in Dunedin. I study down there. What do you study? Microbiology, genetics, zoology.

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Models I met and liked: Sequoia Etti.

Posted on December 5, 2012

Name: Sequoia Etti Agency: Nova Age: 18 Height: 5’8″ Ethnicity: Maori, New Zealand European, Chinese, Samoan. How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it? I’ve been modelling since March. I moved to New Zealand this year from North Brisbane to go to University in Wellington. Really?! [Laughs] Everyone asks why I would come from Australia to New Zealand (as opposed to the other way ’round) – I have some family here and I thought I’d give it a go, you know? With modelling, my step-mom took photos and sent them off to agencies.

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