James K Lowe

Not sure who this girl is but James took this photo a while ago. Photo/James K Lowe.


  1. The Olympics.
  2. Very soon Ben and I are off on a holiday and it is really exciting because it has been a while since I went on a holiday and I have been saving and yeah, I’m going to have no money at all when I get back but hey, I could die soon so seize the day and all that. We’re going to London to see some friends and to Copenhagen and to this little island in Greece that has no wheeled vehicles (you walk, water taxi or take a donkey ride! Also, while on the topic of Greece, is it just me or am I literally the last person to go to Greece? It’s like every single person has gone there this European Summer), and then we are going to Paris. I haven’t been back to Paris since whenever I last posted a blog post about Paris (2012? I don’t know) and mate, I am excited. We are doing this trip in a short period of time but we don’t have that many plans so please, if you have a MUST SEE or MUST DO that you don’t think I would’ve heard of already yet, tell me! Email me!
  3. Get some prawns. Raw. Get them, and put them in a bag of flour. Take them out, shake them off and put them in a frying pan with a bit of butter and HELLO THIS IS WHAT I WILL BE EATING FOR THE NEXT MONTH. DELICIOUS.
  4. Oi, 3.5 months until Gilmore Girls is back.
  5. This is kind of random but because I am going to sunny Europe I have been stocking up on sunscreen and stuff and I thought I would tell you the best face sunscreen I have come by so far is by Ultraceuticals. This sounds like an ad but it’s not. The stuff rubs in without that weird white glow you get sometimes with other sunscreens and it’s not too greasy and it comes in SPF 50, or SPF 30. It’s kind of expensive, but it lasts for quite a long time. I also like this one by Dr Jart but I don’t think you can get that in NZ so yeah, if you are on the hunt for a high quality sunscreen for your face that isn’t going to f up your skin or not rub in, look up Ultraceuticals.


  1. I used to be able to write whatever on here because it didn’t matter because no one read this blog and now people still don’t really read this blog but I’m way more weary about offending someone or writing something that comes across a way it shouldn’t and now this blog isn’t really funny anymore.
  2. I feel like I don’t really do anything anymore, like I’m stuck in the grind – work, save for holiday, work, exercise, eat, sleep. I don’t actually feel too sad about it, but it’s weird. I go on instagram and think ‘wow, I ain’t got shit I want to post on here’, like nothing new to say, or at least nothing new I want to share with strangers. Is this the end? Have I come full circle? I remember being on that blog grind with Isaac when getting content was number one and you’d bloody do all these things just so you had something to say. I mean, I did ‘What I Wore Today’ posts every day for like a year! I was so keen to be all out there like LOOK AT ME GUYS, LOOK AT MY LIFE, LOOK AT WHO I’M WITH and now I’m like, in my bed on Sunday and I’m old and I just want to have lunch with my friends in peace. Full circle.
  3. The hunt for the perfect summer sandal. Halp!
  4. Everyone keeps asking me when I’m going to get married or saying ‘when you have kids’ and I never know how to respond so I’m always like ‘haha’ or do a weird, awkward laugh and they’re like ‘nah, but you’re running out of time’ in this kind of jovial manner to tone down the obvious seriousness they feel about the lack of time I have. It’s so awkward, it happens to me so often these days. What if I don’t get married or have kids? Does that make me a bad person? A bad woman? What if I don’t even want to? Then what?
  5. I am a whiny old lady.