Becca Collyns at Clyne. All Photos/James K Lowe.

Yesterday James did some go sees* with new faces because you know, that’s what photographers do sometimes. I was there because you know, that’s what annoying, hang-er-on-er sisters do sometimes. It’s also really good just to stay in the loop with the girls in development because they turn into main board girls eventually, blah, blah, model stuff, etc.

Because we were doing this out of Thievery Studios and because James bought a new camera recently, we decided to take some pictures. And just to complicate things even further, I made the girls wear various items from my wardrobe for the pictures, some of which are below. Happy viewing!

*I just realised that some people might not know what a go see is. It’s basically models go and see photographers/stylists/clients/people who might book them, it’s like a casting but not for a specific job.


Belle from Unique in my Pendelton shirt (which is actually James’ but I stole it).




Tabitha at 62 Models, wearing my old white AS Colour men’s paper tee. 

IMGP1953 IMGP1986


Becca Collyns at Clyne in my Acne Deborah Rib Sweater


Meike from Red 11 in my Levi’s denim jacket. 



Milla from Clyne in her own singlet above, but in my Georgia Alice GA tank below. 

IMGP2036 IMGP2241

Flavia from Red 11 in my John Patrick Organic slip dress. 



Brooke from Clyne in my old Georgia Alice tee. 

IMGP2138 IMGP2385

Charlee from Unique in my LVC tee (another thing I stole from James).

IMGP2374 IMGP2172


Olivia Wales from Clyne in my old Dior men’s shirt (which originally belonged to Isaac) and below in an old sweater that originally belonged to Isaac’s dad. 



Happy Friday guys.