Spectators at a Sports Event, 1933. Photo/Martin Munkacsi.

It’s really weird, knowing that I have had this blog for seven years today. SEVEN YEARS. That is longer that Ben’s kid’s whole entire life. I’m so fucking old now, it’s mental. I’ve been thinking about it all day, how all these things have changed in the last seven years and how much of it is documented on here. (Not that it is easy to find now I have taken the easily accessible archive links away.) I had this whole idea last month that I was going to just shut this blog down today, on this birthday, some big dramatic shut down and then just never log in here again and never explain it to anyone and it would all just be gone, and then I started remembering weird posts I used to do like that one about that random guy who sent me a dick pic, or that weird one about how my workmate was in love with Jordan Rondel so we went to go find her (this is before I met Jordan aka The Caker) and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So here we are.

In some ways I miss those old posts. For sentimental reasons, yes, but also because back then no one really gave a shit about what I wrote and it was all just fun and real and it was just my life. Now it’s like, if I put things up people might see them and get upset or whatever. I don’t know, I’m just ranting now but the whole point of this post is that I have had this blog for exactly seven years today so here’s some Highs and Low(e)s of the last month. (The best thing about having been lazy with the Highs and Low(e)s is that I have gathered up a lot of things to put down):


  1. These are some long reads I have come across that I think you will enjoy. I have recently been pointed in the direction of articles about teenagers. Seeing as I work with teenagers a lot, I have always kind of felt like although I’m old, I still kind of get teenagers, you know? Like ‘Oh, I was a teenager once and I go on the internet now, I get you.‘ Now having read these two articles, it is abundantly clear that I do not get teenagers. Teenagers? I do not ‘get you’ at all. I am officially old. Here’s one about Tumblr teens, and here’s one about Snapchat teens. It’s fascinating. Please read both and let me know your thoughts.
  2. This GQ profile on Young Thug is one of the most interesting I’ve read lately. I mean, this guy is 6’3″ and has size 8.5 feet. Maybe I’m easily amused but that is interesting to me. He says he has no feelings. His real name is JEFF! He says he doesn’t like to eat and goes days without food but then gets injected with vitamins. He doesn’t like to eat?! What?? He is known to do interviews with journalists and just sit there and not answer the questions. What a bloody fascinating guy.
  3. Also, this article about Feminism or more accurately, why we should be challenged by it as well as empowered by it. PLEASE READ. I mean, I know I’m bombarding you with links here but please read.
  4. Okay I promise this is the last link, this one is kind of more fun because you can do this test then compare with your friends – it’s basically a test on how well you can hear audio quality.
  5. Last Sunday I felt like I was getting sick, I had that weird, gross feeling in the back of my throat, I was sneezing, my nose was kind of runny, swallowing felt weird. Immediately I went to the chemist and bought Viralex Attack and those Lipo-spheric Vitamin C sachets and I cranked those for 3 days and I am basically better! It works! I also had this new pretty yum honey drink that got sent to me, and I put lemon in it. Maybe that also helped. (It’s called Humble, and all I can think of when I look at the label is ‘stay humble’ lol.) Anyway, if you think you’re getting sick (like everyone seems to be) then try this combo of things because it worked so well for me.
  6. I also have been trying this new Swisse Hair Skin and Nails liquid which supposedly helps your hair, skin and nails (obvious).  You drink 10ml a day and then your life changes, or something. It’s purple which is kiiiind of freaky, but it tastes good – kind of like sour lollies – so I am sticking with it. Has anyone tried it and is it for real? I’m 3 days in, I feel the same. More updates on this later.
  7. I don’t know if this is a High but I feel weird putting in the Low(e)s because people might read it and think I was upset but I’m really not so yeah, this is just a thing that happened. So anyway yesterday, for the first time, Oli (Ben’s 6 year old kid that lives with us half the week) said to me: “You’re not my mom, you know” which is kind of a less psycho version of “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, YOU’RE NOT MY MOM!”. Anyway, he did it because I told him he had to wear sunscreen and togs to the beach (as opposed to no sunscreen and naked). It was weird. Part of me was like “mate, I don’t want to be your mom” but then I thought that was too harsh so I had to go with “I know, but you still can’t go to the beach naked, so…”. I mean, he put his togs and sunscreen on but the whole thing was pretty weird for me like, wow I’m so old right now. Everything is making me feel old lately.
  8. Is anyone watching that new show ‘Love’? I watched the first episode last night and I thought it was pretty entertaining.
  9. Going through exes pictures and being like, ‘wow I’m happy for you and I am also really glad we aren’t together anymore’. Not in a hater way but you know, that feeling where you’re like ‘how did I ever think that that was going to be a real ‘forever and ever’ thing?’


  1. I didn’t get a reminder for my rego for my car so I forgot about it and then I got a warning ticket and then I went and bought it online, and in the time it took for the thing to arrive, I just found out I got an actual ticket (which must’ve come off the car because I never saw it on there) so that’s kind of annoying. I mean, I know I can contact them and tell them that it was in the mail but you know, it’s just annoying.
  2. When you ask someone if they can do something and people say ‘should’, as in ‘I should be able to’. What does that mean? Are you doing it or not?
  3. Don’t know if I talked about this before but my laptop died. Like, it just won’t turn on. So now it just sits in my room, sad, and cold and basically useless.
  4. Can’t even with this whole flag thing.

This is also a really strange thing that I remembered when going through my old posts and stuff and I have always wanted to post about it but never thought it would be legit but HEY, IT’S 7 YEARS OF BLOGGING, LET’S DO IT!

So basically years ago at my old job there was this guy there that was kind of a compulsive liar I think? Anyway, he told me his coat was Burberry and it wasn’t, and that he was doing a law degree by correspondence at Auckland Uni and he wasn’t because I called them up and he wasn’t even enrolled (yeah, kind of psycho of me but I was so annoyed that he was so adamant he was doing it and kept telling me it was possible to do law by correspondence at U.O.A and I was like no it’s not). Anyway, one time he sent this group email to all of us at work and it was like ‘guys guess what I saw all these dolphins in the harbour on the weekend!’ and attached was a picture of said dolphins in harbour but they were clearly photoshopped in someone reply-all’ed ‘are those dolphin’s real or are they photoshopped?’ and he was like ‘Nope they are real. I don’t use Photoshop on any of my work! That to me wouldn’t be photography.’ (that is a direct quote from the email) and then the art director replied “BS” and then he replied “What is BS?” (which is lol in itself) and someone must’ve told him or he googled it or whatever because he got upset and there was a thing with HR and everything. Anyway, that is a longwinded story and there are many other facets to it but below is the picture:



Anyway, am I going to get murdered by this guy now?

The end.