(I am using James’ computer and he has a great collection of photos on here including this one.) Photo/Stephen Shore. 

Wa-ha-ha-haaay 2016 is really up and running huh. It’s bloody February already! I’ve spent the last three weeks ignoring this here blog, not because I’ve been that busy but mostly because I’ve been lazy. So, since January 10th a few things have happened:

Firstly, two people I know got engaged, which is mental to me because I still can’t believe I’m at the age where that is normal. I mean, it’s not even just normal, it’s like, extremely common but for some reason not many people I know very well have gotten married. I can’t figure out if that is because all my friends are young/immature (lol) or because a lot of them aren’t religious or something? Same with kids, I have hardly any friends with kids. Well, Ben has a kid but he’s the only one. Speaking of, we only have him half the week and I don’t really have to do any ‘parenting’ at all and it still stresses me out. I cannot figure out how other people have time/money to have kids and do the things they want to do full time, let alone part time. Anyway… I digress…

Secondly, I did that trip to Melbourne I kept harping on about and it was dope. Basically it was six of us (three couples, triple date, lol) that flew over to go to the Australian Open for a few days. Highs: Successful Airbnb experience – our apartment was big as, in a really good location, clean, etc; lots of good dining experiences – if you saw my snaps or my instagram you’ll have seen all the food pics; we got to see Federer play and I finally got to buy this Acne sweater I’ve wanted for like, 5 months. Low(e)s: The apartment was so open plan (I’m talking mezzanine level bedroom visible from the lounge etc) and had only one bathroom, which is a little weird when you’re travelling with people you’ve never traveled with before, if you know what I’m saying; it rained (not really a low(e), that’s just me being a brat).

I mean, a lot of other stuff happened but those are the first two things that come to mind.

Like, Rihanna put out her album and I only listened to three songs in full, but to make up for it I’ve heard ‘Work’ about a thousand times so there’s that. It’s catchy. Drake also put out ‘Summer Sixteen’ and I’m not gonna lie, I’m not obsessed with it.

In the last few weeks I have not been doing as much fitness as I was before but I did do this yoga session at Studio Red Yoga which was in a heated room and I sweated SO MUCH. Like, dripping on the floor level of sweating. It was kind of gross but also kind of great because all I could think as each bead hit the floor, was how all the toxins were leaving my body and maybe my skin would be really good because it would be cleansing my pores. I have also been playing a bit of tennis lately because I’m in this Showroom 22 media tournament which is supposed to be just for fun, but I also don’t want to be made to look like a fool. I mean, no one wants to get absolutely caned in one of these things in front of a bunch of media, right? Exactly.

Other things I have seen that you might think are cool/shit/interesting:

  1. I wear glasses, right. Well, I wear contact lenses. I have been short-sighted since I was like, 10 years old – maybe even younger. Glasses are expensive, especially when you’re super blind like me. Anyway, I got invited to this opening next week (that I can’t go to which kind of sucks) to ‘Bailey Nelson‘ which to me kind of seems like the Aus/NZ version of Warby Parker, which is basically cost-effective, good looking eyewear. I can’t exactly vouch for it as I haven’t bought a pair of gone into the store yet but Maddy got a pair and they look dope so there’s that.
  2. Someone needs to get this t-shirt because it’s dope. While we’re at it, you may as well check out this other cool Fila tee and this sweater that I also bought.
  3. I think I might’ve written about this before but how fun does this look? (If you like problem solving puzzles.)
  4. I would put a link to Adele’s James Corden Karaoke Car Interview thing but I know you’ve all already seen and it and think it’s great so I won’t, but HAVE YOU SEEN THE JASON DERULO ONE?
  5. This is kind of random but David Dallas throws this party every month, it’s called Shenanigan and they play a lot of rap music, anyway, I’ve been to the last few and there’s these girls that show up and they twerk and they’re really good at it and I went home and tried to do it and I don’t think I’m a shit dancer and I even went to dancing as a kid but I still can’t do it. It’s like you need a muscle that I do not have. I cannot figure out how to do it. It’s impossible to make your butt move like that I JUST DO NOT KNOW HOW IT IS A THING THAT PEOPLE CAN DO.
  6. I saw about 70% of Paper Towns on the plane and woah, it is not a good movie. I mean, I watched a lot of it and I would’ve finished it had the plane not landed so it wasn’t absolutely awful but wow, it was not good.

The end.

(Lol I didn’t know how to end this post.)