My Nike Training Schedule for the rest of the month. 

I have 24 full days to figure out how to do 25 full push-ups.

Simple enough.

I mentioned this last week briefly, but if you didn’t see it I will recap: I am one week into a four-week Nike training programme put together by New Zealand fitness extraordinaire’s Kirsty Godso and Lydia O’Donnell. The programme was built based around some fitness goals I want to achieve and you know, my actual ability. If I’m being completely honest, my usual strategy with this kind of thing is to really play down my fitness level, give myself the easiest goals possible so I know that I can achieve them with least effort possible, post lots of instagrams of me in some Nike gear so people think I’m doing mad workouts (whether I am or not – SUP ESSENA O’NEILL), and look like a winner by the end of it when I’ve nailed the challenges I’ve been given.

This time is slightly different.

This time I am trying not to be a lil bitch and really give myself something to work to. Hence the 25 push-ups – no stopping, on my toes with perfect form. In addition to these I need to also figure out how to do 8 full tricep push-ups, and in addition to that I’ve got a weekly minutes challenge – a minimum number of minutes of NTC workouts a week. In order to achieve these goals I need to do some two a day workouts. Like a real fitness person. I’ve also decided no posting workout selfies unless I’ve done completed the workouts. (Yes, trust me, I know how bad that sounds.)

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I have a few things going for me – I have done a few NTC workouts (at the Nike studio and on the app - both free) now so I know what they’re like and it’s not as scary, Lydia and Kirsty are intimidating enough to make me feel guilty if I don’t try, and last but not least, the most important two things: I am kind of a control freak and my programme has little check boxes on it where you can tick when you’ve done the exercises. No shit, having tick boxes is a driving force behind getting me to do something.

So here we are, day 6 of the first week of training and my thighs haven’t stopped hurting since Tuesday, I’ve had to wash my hair (and shower) more than ever before (and do more washing than ever before) and I’ve become one of those people who has to move all my commitments (work and social) to fit around when I can work out, but – and I know this is one of those things that’s going to sound like I was told I had to say this because it’s part of Nike’s campaign at the moment but in all honesty I haven’t been told to say anything* – I AM better for it.

The end.

Happy Saturday.

PS: If you want to see what I am doing I have been trying to keep a diary of this stuff on my Snapchat story (including doing workouts then getting home and eating KFC). My username is thedownlowe. That is all.

PPS: If you want, you can look at my programme above, print it out, swap out various things to customise it and we can do this together! (Together via the internet, that is. Whatever, same thing.)

*Believe it or not, I am receiving no monetary compensation for doing this. In fact, I opted in. I did get a sweet pair of shoes, tights, socks and a sweat towel out of it though.

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