When I was like, 12 years old I used to wear this Russell Athletic hoodie around the place all the time. I thought I was really bloody cool. Firstly, the thing was a HOODIE, secondly it had that real American Collegiate style lettering on the front. It’s one of the few things I wore as a child and don’t feel embarrassed about.

So with that in mind, when Russell Athletic asked me if they could send me a bunch of gym gear in celebration of the drop of their latest performance collection, ‘Matrix’, I said ‘yeah boi’ (ever the professional), and because I am now a fitness person (or at least I try to look like one) I told them I would try out all the pieces over a week. And that brings us to here.

In the last 7 days I have attempted a bunch of fitness and documented it, a sort of ‘week in the fitness life of K Lowe’ or whatever you like to call it. Side note: Do you know how much admin it is to do that? Firstly, getting out of bed to do the actual exercises, secondly, dragging James out every time I did them. (Thanks James.) Anyway, it all worked out in the end. I’m tired, but I also feel great because I can tell people how good I am at fitness and I have PHOTOS TO PROVE IT!

I went to Barrefigure three times. I went to tennis once. I went for a run once. I did a walk and some stretches (Lol, does that count?) once.

Go me!

barre3 barre-1 RA-4 RA-2 tennis1 tennis2 RA-1

My favourites of what Russell Athletic sent me from the Matrix Range are the two sports bras because they have removable padding and the fit was good, and the ‘Amazon’ grey marle tights, because grey marle, and also I am into that 7/8 length. If you think you would be keen on any of this stuff you can cop at Rebel Sport.

The end.