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Avery Tharp for G.Kero. Photo/Alice Moitié. 

Look, I know I didn’t post one of these last week, but that’s in the past so let’s all forgive and forget and move on. Today’s edition of Highs and Low(e)s covers the past two weeks. It’s the bumper edition.


  1. I know I will be unpopular for saying this, but man, I am all good with Justin Bieber ay. I mean, I didn’t go and try and get a ticket to his private show here or anything (I mean, I would’ve gone had someone given me a ticket but there’s no way I was going to run around the city trying to find Bieber stickers), but I like some of his songs and I also feel bad for him. People rip on that guy so hard, I feel sympathetic. Of course he does some stupid shit, who doesn’t? Not sure where I am going with this… Moving on…
  2. Spring cleaning. There’s nothing like the feeling of ‘lightness’ that one gets from throwing out junk. I moved house on the weekend (back home, temporarily, long story) and in the process I think I threw out maybe 8 bags of old clothes, recycled countless amounts of paper and cardboard packaging. It felt good. I mean, physically it felt horrible because I had dust allergies the entire time but emotionally it felt fantastic. I have been recommended this book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by two people (Ben, and another guy named Ben who, as an aside, is running the New York Marathon to fundraise money for The Brain Tumor Foundation so if you want to sponsor him you can do so here), neither of whom have actually read it (LOL) but I went to the website and read about it and I bought it so WATCH OUT WORLD HERE COMES THE NEW, SUPER TIDY ME.
  3. My friend Theo works at Workshop and she asked me to tell people about the fact that Workshop is running a giveaway of an Alexander Wang bag this month (of your choice) so if you are an Alexander Wang fan, now you know. Details here.
  4. The Dior flower mountain!!! Also, really liked the collection.
  5. While we’re on collections I have liked this fashion month, HELLO GUCCI! So much bloody detail, incredible.
  6. This cool interesting article about Karl Sandberg aka Max Martin, who – incase you don’t know – is a songwriting genius, having written/co-written/co-produced 21 number one Billboard hits to date (Backstreet Boys’ – ‘ I Want It That Way’, Britney Spears’ – ‘…Baby One More Time’, and Katy Perry’s – ‘Teenage Dream’ for example).
  7. I’m going to Asia on Friday!


  1. Moving house. What a huge amount of admin.
  2. I don’t understand the models carrying dolls Rick Owens thing. Someone please explain?
  3. The US – NZ exchange rate right now.
  4. I made a doctor’s appointment for 9.30am yesterday morning, and when I got there the power was out so their computer system was down. I checked in and waited in the waiting room for an entire hour before saying something (yeah, okay, that’s my fault) and it turned out when the computer system came back on it said I’d already been seen so basically I’d been forgotten about. Also, I only even got up to say something because my doctor came into the waiting room and got another lady who came in after me. Not sure what the moral of this story is but it sucked.