Jenna Earle. Photo/Andrew Soule for Flare magazine.


  1. Nike invited me to this breakfast talk thing as part of the Seafarers Members’ Club. The breakfast component was provided by Ostro, the talk component was provided by Dr Libby, someone I’d heard of before but not really known anything about. Anyway, it turns out Dr Libby is a ‘nutritional bicohemist’ and usually I shy away from that kind of title but she was actually an amazing speaker and she gave this engaging, interesting, non-lectur-y (very important) talk which made me want to eat better foods and have her be my own personal nutritionist. Two thumbs up.
  2. On Saturday night we had our family Christmas for my mom’s side of the family (early, I know) and as part of it, each of the grandchildren were given a gold sovereign from my deceased grandfather’s estate. Mine is dated 1908. Pretty cool.
  3. This of course.
  4. Bloody Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re an online shopper you’ll know already but there are deals everywhere. ASOS has 20% off everything until 9pm Tuesday if you enter in promo code FRIDAY2014 at the checkout, for instance.
  5. This sweater.


  1. Got sick. Nothing too extreme but having a cold suuuuuccccckkkssssss.
  2. Being in the same room as someone who is checking their Vine, but not being able to see the screen.
  3. ‘On Fleek’. Not sold.