Photo/Sandra Semberg.


  1. My car is fixed, aka the left side of it isn’t completely fucked.
  2. I was in Melbourne on Tuesday and Wednesday! It was pretty whirlwind. I got up at 3:30am and caught a four hour flight to Tullamarine and after some lunch and serious losing the plot from lack of sleep, I got to attend what I was there for in the first place - Mimco’s VAMFF show. Holy moly they put a bit into production over there! The lighting and seating and venue and everything, was super cool. More on this tomorrow.
  3. Today I cashed in one of my Christmas presents – a massage at the Chuan Spa at the Langham hotel. I fell asleep half way through which I think is a good time. That place is so nice, the pool, the steam room. It’s all so good. Thanks Benny.
  4. This app which lets you avoid people you don’t like which I think will be really handy for pretty much everyone.
  5. I got an email on Tuesday to say that Uber had finally started testing in Auckland (aka limited availability on cars, as far as I can gather, only some people can request an Uber ride) but this means it’s going to be launching very soon, to which I say thank fucking god because I tweeted/facebooked/talked about this literally so long ago (January 8th!) that I have been fearful that people think I’m a liar, or worse – that I’d been spreading false information because I’d been too gullible to realise it was just a rumour. SO… now I feel a lot better. I dunno if you know what Uber is but hopefully you do and if you don’t, in short, it’s basically an app on your phone that is similar to YQ (look that up if you don’t know what that is) but for car service rides. You sign up for an Uber account with your credit card details etc, and if you ever need a ride you can request one via the app and it’ll tell you who will pick you up, where they are on a little map (it’ll show them travelling towards you and how long it will take for them to get to you) and when they get you there’s no exchange of money because it gets taken off your Uber account. This is really great for me because I never have cash on me. Also, I get really anxious when waiting for taxis at night time. I have this promo code thing where you can get $20 credit added to your account and taken off your first ride so you can sign up here if you want but also you don’t have to, you can just sign up the normal way. End of rant.
  6. I got Four-eyed by Foureyes doing a ridiculous face which I’ve since been told is ‘just the way I look’ which is kind of disconcerting to me. But aside from that, I got Four-eyed! Thanks boys!
  7. This fricken thing Ella tweeted about Denver Airport. WHAT. THE.


  1. My car is fixed but now my headlight is broken.
  2. This whole last week I have been getting vertigo in the mornings. I’ll wake up and I’ll just do something simple like roll to one side in the bed, and suddenly it’s that feeling you get when you go to bed drunk and the whole room is spinning and you shut your eyes but it still kind of feels like you can’t figure out what is solid ground and you kind of feel nauseous. I tried walking to the bathroom the other day and I was like Lucille Austero - all side to side and arms out with no balance. What is this thing?! Why am I getting it? And why only sometimes?
  3. The BNZ/Vodafone/IRD/etc does not accept products or store credit as payment.

Finally, where the hell can you get the Nike beanie in the photo above from? WHERE?!?!!! I found the photo on Tumblr and I don’t even know where it originally came from or who took it, but that girl looks fresh and I’m making it my mission to find that beanie, even if it’s not an official Nike one. This is neither a High or a Low(e) really, it’s more of a call for help.