Evelina (Clyne). Photo: James K Lowe.


  1. This remix Ben did, of Watercolours’ ‘Kyoto Train’.
  2. I went to a wedding. I wore this Liam dress. Four people told me they loved the dress, and even though I don’t like the number four I still feel good about it because I’m going to be presumptuous and assume they loved the dress because I was wearing it SO WELL.
  3. Great foods eaten this week include: the egg fried rice at Spicy House on Dominion Road. (It sounds boring but I swear it’s the best egg fried rice I’ve ever eaten. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s full of MSG but whatever, it’s delicious.) Also, the BLAT (minus the T, and the relish. I do not like tomatoes and I do not like relish) at Goodness Gracious, the new coffee and bagel joint next door to AS Colour in Eden Terrace. It was really great. I was starving, but I’m pretty sure it would have been just as tasty had I not been so hungry.
  4. Speaking of foods, I made gnocchi from scratch last night. The recipe looked so easy (it actually was pretty simple) but I severely underestimated the amount of time it would take to form the little dumplings. Verdict: good. Light and a little doughy but pretty nice regardless. Probably mostly to do with the sauce that Ben made which included I swear about 100g of butter and half a bottle of cream, though.
  5. Ay, it’s me!
  6. Participated in Lani’s instamarch on Wednesday night. The theme was ‘lip sync selfie video’ which is pretty much something I do every week on snapchat because I have no shame. Anyway, she showed me this one that a guy Jordan did and he pretty much killed it. Best lip sync selfie video I’ve seen from instamarch, maybe ever. Watch it immediately. (Pro tip: Make sure you have your sound up.)


  1. Wait, did you even read that thing about my car last week? It is really, really bad.
  2. “Are you lorde’s bf’s sister?”
  3. “How do you know lorde?”
  4. “Something something can you tell lorde?”