Me, circa early 2011 when I first got a phone capable of taking photos.

In previous years I have forgotten about March the 6th. I almost forgot about this blog birthday again until someone asked me this morning how long I’d been doing it for. ‘Doing a blog’ is such a weird phrase, it doesn’t sound right. I’m actually kind of annoyed at myself for not putting today in my calendar. If I had I could have organised something as a celebration. I’ve always wanted to chuck a bunch of money into a party and have blog supporters be able to come and eat and drink and dance and take lip-sync selfie videos in a safe environment with no judgement and at no (or very little) financial cost to them. I guess it’ll have to wait ’til next year.

I don’t know what you say about having a blog for five years. Today someone said something to me that I hadn’t really thought of before. She said that this blog was probably one of my longest commitments and she was right. I haven’t had a ‘romantic relationship’ that’s lasted as long as the one I have with this weird little online outlet. I’m sort of happy I’ve gotten this far without giving up, but also I feel like people expect you really to have nailed something in five years and I guess I’m sometimes a bit ashamed to say I don’t actually know what I’m doing with it still or what the goal of it is. Maybe there is no goal, who knows.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this post. It’s 11:38pm and I’m in bed with a Biore pore strip on my face. Before that, I played tennis for about three hours. I’ve got sore legs and a sore right hand side of my butt. I want to say something that will feel meaningful but I don’t really have anything, plus I feel like I’m ranting and also running out of time because in 19 minutes it actually becomes the 7th of March.

Five years ago today¬†I put up this terrible post about a shoe. Everything was so different then. I had this other boyfriend, I had a fringe, I lived in a flat with him and our friends in Newmarket. I didn’t have a smart phone, I didn’t have a laptop, I’d never been to Europe. I couldn’t drive at all and I worked full time at a digital agency. One time I spent AU$220 on silver jazz-style lace-up shoes and I thought they were the best thing ever and also the most expensive thing ever. I liked these shoes for god’s sake. I had no idea what I was doing or how posting odd thoughts and things that interested me online would change my life. But it did, and mostly because people out there decided that it was worth time in their day to read what I had to write, whether they agreed with it or wanted to be informed or just wanted to look at it just to confirm to themselves how stupid I sound. Either way, people came to this site and because of that I get to do things I never dreamed I would. If you’re reading this now, you have contributed to that and I thank you very much.

Rant over. Goodnight.