Zara TRF Fall 13 Campaign.

  1. Drinking water. I reckon I currently drink like one glass of water a day, if that. Copious amounts of juice, but hardly any water. Someone at work told me something about how some Victoria’s Secret angel drinks a litre when she wakes up and I feel like I should give it a go. Not the litre, but just more water.
  2. Reading books/reading offline. I got two books for Christmas and if I don’t finish those f*ckers by the end of Summer I’ll be so disappointed in myself.
  3. Eating less KFC. I had KFC last night, I’m feeling regret, hence this being added to the list.
  4. Exercising. I walked up Mount Eden, 100 steps to get up that one side where you enter from off Mountain Road. I thought I’d do it every day for the rest of my work break (’til the 8th). That was maybe a week ago. Haven’t been up since. Need to rectify this.
  5. Not ordering 2 sides with every meal. For financial and health purposes.
  6. Replying to difficult emails. Sometimes you just don’t know how to reply to this email where someone is asking me how to be a ‘blogger’ or how to get work in the fashion industry or answer questions about life and the internet, because firstly – how would I know? And secondly, what compels people to ask me these questions?  I’m just a normal person who puts things on the internet and every industry is the same – work hard, be nice to people and want it bad enough and you’ll probably get it. Anyway, I get emails and then I flag them and then I have 78 emails flagged to respond to and sometimes it takes me months. So I need to get better at that.
  7. Keeping receipts. I am really going to do this one. I went to Kikki K last week and bought a receipt book for like, $20 or something, so basically I spent $20 on a bunch of envelopes stuck together for me to put my receipts in. Funny thing is, I never kept the receipt for that so I’m already failing.
  8. Saving. Self explanatory.

Okay it’s 10:07am in New Zealand right now, so there are 14 hours until we move into the New Year. I feel like I should be writing some kind of big, grandiose thing about how I thank each and everyone one of you for reading and how the new year is going to bring all these exciting things, but we all know a new year really means nothing and life goes on and unless we make drastic changes, it’s just a new day like every other new day. Is that depressing? I’m just keeping it real, man. Either way, it’s going to be weird to say 2014. It sounds way too futuristic.

I hope everyone has a good time celebrating or not celebrating.

Happy Tuesday readers.