What I look like when I'm blogging. Photo/Evan Tetreault, evantetreault.com.


  1. You know what tomorrow is for anyone in Auckland? Let me tell you. It’s Auckland Anniversary Day which can only mean one thing: a day off! Hoorah! This doesn’t really make a difference for self-employed people like me, or people on school holidays, but you know what I mean.
  2. Tomorrow’s public holiday co-incides with everyone’s favourite Auckland-based, alty festival of the year, Laneway. And this lucky blogger will be attending and documenting, thanks to Lee jeans! I’ll be updating from there so for those who aren’t going – you can live vicariously through me. More details tomorrow morning.
  3. I witnessed someone operating nun-chucks on the beach on Tuesday. That was a first.
  4. Did anyone else notice NZ-claimed models, Ashleigh Good and Anmari Botha on several couture runways? Or Ashleigh Good fricken closing the Chanel show?! Or 16 year old NZ first-timer, Katie Holcroft, walking Rad Hourani?
  5. Yesterday I took some pictures for the blog. Location? My buddy Sarah’s parents place, located half an hour out of Auckland, surrounded by large open spaces, complete with beautiful grounds, a pond, sheep and an infinity pool… Best house ever! (Huge thanks to the Theobald’s for putting up with us the whole afternoon!)
  6. Barilla reopened this week, pretty much the whole of Auckland rejoiced and celebrated by going in. That place goes off at dinner time man, they must be rolling in it.
  7. The fricken Australian Open man. Both of the last two Federer games had me so stressed out. And when Shane Warne caught that ball? Nuts.
  8. Additional evidence as to why it is hard to be a girl sometimes.
  9. High fives for Maddy! (Private joke, deal with it.)


  1. My wardrobe is out of control. Granted, it is not a huge closet, but there is no conceivable way that I can fit all my clothes into it and one large set of drawers. It just is not possible. It wasn’t good before, but it is so much worse now. The situation is so bad right now that I can’t take a photo of it. If it was kind of bad, I’d post a photo, but this is next level – it’s just plain embarrassing. It’s I-have-clothes-with-tags-on-that-haven’t-been-worn bad. This stuff has to go. Starting today. I’m going to be ruthless.
  2. The above also applies to my car in a roundabout way.
  3. The above also applies to my emails in a huge way. If you have emailed me in the past two months and haven’t had a response, there is still a good chance that I haven’t actually even got to it yet.
  4. You know how I was worried about reaching a stage in my life that meant I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted and never exercise and still be able to fit my clothes anymore? I think that time is now. For serious. *audible sigh* It was good while it lasted.
  5. It has become increasingly apparent that I don’t trust and cannot rely on anyone. I also cannot delegate.
  6. What’s wrong with being neurotic and detail oriented anyway?!