New face Amberley (N Model Management).

If you follow any other New Zealand fashion-y type blog, you’re probably already aware that earlier today a lot of us attended a fashion event out at the Van Lier Rose Nursery, which – for those of you who don’t know – is a 25 minute drive out of central Auckland. The small group of us were there to witness the very first catwalk show by chainstore, Glassons.

Before we go any further, can I just pre-empt this with the following: I’m not really going to talk about the collection. Not yet, anyway. That’ll come another day. This post is purely just to tell you about the show, and of course – the girls. As I said, us ‘fashionistas’ (WORST WORD EVER) gathered in that big glass house in Riverhead, and were greeted with a spread of Little & Friday cakes, sweets and club sandwiches surrounded by a tonne of roses and their petals in a myriad of colours, a pretty delicious rose drink – served in glass bottles with striped paper straws of course (hello Tumblr? Can you hear me?) and sparkling waters. We gorged.

Soon after, we were led to our seats and a band – ‘The Chicks’ (which was made up of guys from other local bands – The Checks, The DHDFD’s etc) ambled – fully kit out in skinny black (presumably Hallensteins) suits – down the catwalk to the stage at the end of the runway and started playing. The show commenced.

The offering was as you’d expect – on trend, cleverly put together (with styling by Zara Mirkin, you’re pretty much guaranteed things are going to look cool) with a cast of pretty good girls – two super new (but quite amazing) faces and some of my old favourites. These are some shots of the girls post show (more on my photo diary here and my Facebook Page here), and a bit of a collage of the show itself:

Casey Lee (Red 11).

Derya (62 Models) and Alyssa.

Ella (Clyne).

Emily S (Clyne).

Esther (Nova).

Katie (Clyne).

Seon (Clyne).

Sophie (Clyne).

Yasmin (Clyne).

One thing I will say about the clothes? The long denim overalls are a completely on trend winner. They will sell out, for sure. That, and the maroon corduroy overall-dress. If either seem like your thing or any of the above takes your fancy, the range starts dropping from today (some of it is available right now) and you can get it here.

Happy Wednesday readers.