Danika Rooney @ N Model Management.

Name: Danika Rooney
Agency: N Model Management
Age: 15
Ethnicity: 1/16 Maori

How did you get into modelling, and how long have you been doing it?
I’ve wanted to do it a long time. I sent my photos to one agency, they said no. N Model Management was recommended to me so I sent photos to them and they took me on. I’ve been doing it for about a year.

What’s the best modelling job you’ve done so far?
I loved walking at Dunedin ID Fashion Week.

Where’s your dream modelling destination?
New York City definitely.

Dream modelling job?
The Victoria’s Secret show! Or a Victoria’s Secret contract.

If you weren’t going to be a model full-time, what would you like to do instead?
I’m not sure – I want to be a model! But I think if I wasn’t modelling I’d like to be an actress or a make-up artist.

Who’s your favourite model?
Miranda Kerr.

Do you have a favourite food?
Anything fatty! Pizza! I need to be more healthy but I love food that’s bad for you…

Is there anything you wouldn’t do for modelling?
Nudity. At least not any time soon.

What about cutting off all your hair?
Yeah, I’d do it for a job! For sure!

What’s your favourite thing about modelling? And least favourite thing?
I love photo shoots. I like all of it but I really like shoots. I also love meeting new people and designers. My least favourite thing about modelling would have to be having to get up early.

Tell me something people wouldn’t necessarily know about you?
I don’t think many people would know about me – I’m from Opotiki!

I can’t find my notebook but can you draw me a picture of yourself in 3 years time on this takeaway bag?:

Excuse the less-than-great quality iPhone photo, but this is Danika's drawing of herself in 3 years time, in New York City, checking out her Victoria's Secret billboard.