All Images/James K. Lowe.

Very rarely a day goes by where I am not informed that I look like my brother, or that he looks like me. It’s true, James and I look alike – quite alike. We both have those dreaded Lowe-family chubby cheeks, the average eyesight, better-than-usual metabolism, long fingers and toes, tanned skin. I mean, we are related – what do you expect?

What James has that I haven’t seem to have inherited, though (aside from the height and skinny legs) is an innate sense of style. Sure, I like what I like and I can put together an outfit when under pressure, but James – James seems to have looking effortlessly cool, down. Maybe it’s the tattoos,  maybe it’s the fact that he’s the kind of person who spends $100 on (White Mountaineering) socks. Who knows? Regardless, the kid is fresh.

Over the weekend, partially out of boredom and partially because I find the whole concept hilarious, we took a couple of photos of me as James. Katherine Lowe, shot and styled (in outfits he actually wears) by James Lowe, if you will. The results are below (along with clothing credits, if you’re so inclined) and the rest (out-takes and the like) are up on my tumblr. Enjoy:

Clothing credits: Deluxe Clothing Street Tailor shirt, Bedwin and the Heartbreakers jacket, Levi’s Vintage Clothing chinos, Chups socks, Adidas ObyO KZK x WHIZ shoes, Norse Projects beanie, Makr Carry Goods rucksack and Moscot eyewear.

Clothing credits: Nike x Kobe Bryant t-shirt, Perks & Mini jacket, Ironheart jeans, Vanishing Elephant socks, New Balance x Highs and Lows shoes, Supreme hat and Moscot eyewear.

Clothing credits: Norse Projects t-shirt, Adidas OT Tech jacket, Wood Wood shorts, Alpaca socks, Nike lunar wood shoes and Norse Projects beanie.