James K Lowe on the driveway.


  1. Productivity levels quite high this week. Many meetings attended, hater comments at an all time low, blogging frequency up, came up with so many great ideas this week even. So many great ideas!
  2. Had a few impromptu photos taken yesterday, which I am going to try to post tomorrow. I want to tell you about them because I think they’re really hilarious, but at the same time I think it might only be me who finds them hilarious and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Here’s a sneak peek.
  3. So many people wanna win those sunglasses I’m giving away!
  4. These two collections, but especially the Acne collection. The outfit second to the left in this photo is MY JAM. The blazer, the cut of the pants, the cream sweater. I swear to god if I find a boy who dresses like that I will marry him immediately.
  5. Whatsapp. I don’t know how many of you out there have a smart phone, but I’d say quite a few. If you don’t have whatsapp you need to download the app right now. So handy! I have had some really great whatsapp conversations this week.
  6. That limited edition run of ‘Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts’ tees is so close to being pushed over the line it’s not funny. Just a few kinks to iron out (read: $$$) and we’ll be good to go. Watch this space.


  1. It’s been over a week since I jammed my finger in that taxi door and I still don’t have proper feeling in it… I’m starting to worry.
  2. I went to 10 dairies on Saturday, trying to get my hands on one of those Ice Bar old fashioned lemonade iceblocks. 10. Pretty much every dairy/service station had the lemon lime bitter flavour, some had the ginger beer flavour but nine of them didn’t have the old fashioned lemonade flavour. We went all the way down Ponsonby Road, K Rd and back. It took forever. On the plus side, I do feel like maybe Tip Top should hook me up because I feel like I may be slightly responsible for the sold-out status of the old fashioned lemonade flavour with all my talking about it. You hear that Tip Top?!
  3. “Soz.” I’m guilty of saying it, and every time I do I hate myself for it. I’m desperately trying to phase the stupid phrase out. It’s like an apology that you don’t mean at all, in which case why are you apologising in the first place?! AAHHHHH!
  4. I’ve just been informed that in 5 days I am getting the new Facebook ‘timeline’. Without my permission. Damnit Facebook, why you gotta do this to me?!
  5. I’m back on that broken bodyclock buzz again. 2.30-4.30am sleep times, 8.30-9.30am wake up times. Tired all the times.