I love this guy. Image/streetfsn.com

Although I like to think I know what guys want, I really don’t. All my posts have been based on what I think they want (or what I think they should have). Because of this, I’ve decided to make this last ‘What a guy wants’ post about what guys really want. And what better way to do that than going directly to the source? I enlisted the help of a few males around town (and abroad), and asked them what guys really want. So without further ado, I present: What a guy wants – the what he really, really wants* edition:


“What a guy really wants is a massive dick…….. but if he doesn’t have a massive dick he buys a massive car to compensate (right?).  So by way of reverse psychology, a guy should really be buying a small car like a badass MINI Cooper S in all-black.  This way, even if you don’t have a massive dick you can trick people into thinking you do because your car is small.  Doesn’t that make sense?  I drive a MINI – enough said?”
- MARC MOORE (Creative Director @ Stolen Girlfriends Club/MINI driver)


“A Rolex Comex. Comex is a French diving company founded in 1961 by H.G. Delauze to explore the depths of the oceans: it is the NASA of the deep sea…. These watches are very rare and were only produced in small quantities. They were never available to buy.”
- MURRAY CRANE (Director @ Crane Brothers)

“I want a girl when I want a girl, and when I don’t want a girl I want a girl who understands that” (c)  - Phonte of the rap group Little Brother in the song Slow It Down. Take note ladies.”
- SHEAHAN HURI (Graphic Designer/Jay-Z worshipper)


“Ok. I love these Folk shoesI have the black and white ones already. As the blurb says if you feel a bit old to wear trainers and too young to slip into those comfy Rockports of your dads then these are the shoes for you. Beautiful leather, comfortable and pretty damn cool. They remind me of lawn bowls shoes and a nurse at a mental hospital but they just seem so right.”
- TIM LAING (Furniture Designer)

“MAN UP. Not every guy wants to be a man. Not yet, anyway (unless you are already a man, then boy-up). The idea of the future is more exciting than the future itself. You go through school forever looking to escape (and University is no different, except you find yourself drowning in the work load). It certainly doesn’t end with a job – making a living, finding a career in something that won’t make you want to kill yourself – you’re still looking for the next thing. What I want? I want to go to Seoul and ride bikes with all of the guys in this video. Because unlike in New Zealand, they don’t (appear to) give a fuck if they’re holding hands skipping in a circle. They still have the heart to do the things we did when we were kids. I always want to grow up, but I never want to be there when I get there.”
(Blogger/Photographer/Brother/Writer of aggressive and cryptic, yet profound answers)


“Sometimes what a guy wants is a thing that a guy hasn’t realised they’ve ever wanted, but now that they have it they just can’t live without. Sometimes the most valued items are the most simple and thus often overlooked. Introducing the white oxford cloth button down. Think of it as a step above the white t-shirt – simple, classic and wear-with-anything. And not many people make them better than Gitman Brothers Vintage. The shirts are made in the USA, have just about the perfect fit and they’re built to last, which is great because they’ll look even better with age.”
- GIANG CAO (Streetstyle Photographer/Blogger @ Through The Looking Glass)


“This guy really wants a BMW 1 series M Coupe. This is the M version of BMW’s 1-series, the German car brand’s smallest model. The M stands for motorsport. Most people think the BMW M3 is the best car BMW make. It’s expensive and redonk fast. Guess what? The 1 series M is about $40k cheaper and just as quick. Plus it’s smaller and lighter. What’s not to love? The only potential downside is that in some people’s eyes, the 1-series can be perceived as something of a girl’s blouse. A hairdresser’s car. My wife holds this opinion. The fact that I want a BMW 1-series is just about the funniest thing in the world to her. She herself drives a BMW 3-series M so she sort of knows what she is talking about. But she’s still wrong. The BMW 1 series M Coupe rocks. It looks like a squashed bubble with 4 mean looking exhausts sticking out it. I’ll take it in black, thanks.”
- ANDY PICKERING (Editor @ PILOT Magazine)

At Pitti Uomo. Image/Tommy Ton.

“This guy wants a lot of Band of Outsiders This Is Not A Polo Shirt polo shirts, a whole bunch of summer suits like the guys wore at Pitti Uomo, a place to buy Burt’s Bees in Paris and a girl to cook for him. It’s the little things.”
- ISAAC HINDIN MILLER (Fashion Blogger @ Isaac Likes/Writer)


“To keep it in the fashion realm, there are two main things I want right now:
  1. Monkstrap dress shoes.  There’s something slightly Forest Gump about them while also being astutely chic and elegant. I think the architect in me loves that they’re made from the ‘form follows function’ ethos. Here’s a gallery of the best as decided by GQ UK.
  2. A wardrobe to keep my ever-increasing collection of clothes and footwear. I’m currently negotiating a custom-made number with Boston Wardrobes in an ash-grey finish that will take up one entire wall in my room. Heaven.”

- MURRAY BEVAN (Director @ Showroom 22)


“Mercury-Marauder 2004: Mean.”
- BILLY FISCHER (Blogger @ Ohwrd/Man of few words)


“I want a Derek Henderson photograph from his “Mercy Mercer” series. When I first acquired freedom, aka my beige 1978 Ford Escort, I used to head out to Sunset Beach at Port Waikato to surf and swim with my mates as much as I could.
Driving alongside the Waikato River towards ‘The Port’ was as enjoyable as the beach itself. There are trees, houses, paddocks and hills that are burned into my brain as everlasting still images. Henderson captured these scenes perfectly, and I won’t be happy until I can stare at them in my house as well as out my car window.”
- TIM LAMBOURNE (Presenter @ TVNZ U/Photographer/All round nice guy)


“I want:
  1. A hover board from ‘Back 2 the Future’ – I’ll even take the pink one if I have to
  2. Auto-lace-up Nikes from ‘Back 2 The Future’
  3. A time machine
  4. A French Bull Dog who has a blinged out collar
  5. A woman who cooks, cleans and listens to hip hop”
- NIVIN SEWPERSHAD (McHustler/Music Nerd)

Image/via labeatconnection.com

“What a guy wants is a music festie that never ends. This is in order to grow ones hair and beard to full festie potential and then wear a quality festie-band. This will be in partnership with a flow of ice cold beer and all your best buddies. Massive fields with tents and forests with little stages planted throughout the place and where ever you go there’s a band playing that you’re always excited to see. Babes everywhere. Everything’s free and there are no assholes to ruin the festie and tell you to stop dancing. That’s what every guy wants. A ticket to every music festie in the world all the time and that’s all.”
- CONNOR NESTOR (Presenter @ TVNZ U/Cheeseboard expert/Music Festival Lover/Prolific Tweeter)


“Shut up and kiss me.”
- YIMMY YAYO (Blogger @ Yimmy’s Yayo/Nicest guy ever)
*Yes, there is a Christina Aguilera reference and a Spice Girls reference in the title. I did it on purpose. Clever, I know.