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So fresh, so clean

Posted on September 5, 2014


Elena (62 Models) in a cream/white outfit. Credits below. All Photos/James K Lowe

As summer rapidly approaches, the appropriateness of wearing an all white outfit increases. I’ve been thinking a lot about all white lately, ever since my brother got a pair of vintage, cropped, white Levi’s in Japan and I tried them on with this old white tee and it was fresh. Then Vans brought out those all white Old Skools and I was all, ‘oh shit’ and decided that this was going to be the look I’m going to try this summer.

The actual reality of an all white outfit is a bit scary with the threat of spills and all, but I think this season is the time it’s really going to be embraced by New Zealanders (or Aucklanders at least). I’m not sure about all stark bright high white, but there are a tonne of different shades of it (off-white is softer and a lot less Liz Hurley if you know what I mean) and I think cream is just as good, if not better in some cases.

James and I decided to take on this trend and put together a little editorial of some white/off-white/cream looks this week, check em out – credits below:

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Things I’ve seen at NZFW: Day Two.

Posted on August 28, 2014


Watercolours at the AIM launch. Photos/Me and James K Lowe.

It’s 11:54pm right now. It’s kind of late. Well, I mean it’s not super late but look, I’m not going to lie – I got home about 45 minutes ago and had a shower, washed my hair, went through a bunch of images with James and now I’m on this bloody computer and I know I have to write a bunch of shit and I just cannot be fucked. I do not know how any media go to after parties during fashion week. How is there time? It’s been a long as day. It started at 10:00am at the AIM presentation at Huffer’s space off Queen Street and ended at Zambesi which showed at around 10:00pm tonight. One show was running late and it pushed the whole schedule back. I feel like an asshole complaining right now when I know a tonne of people would love to take my place and go to fashion week but I’M JUST SO TIRED GUYS. That being said, I know if I don’t post these pictures now, I never will. ALSO, big ups to Kingsize for having great gear to hire, without which James could not produce such stunning photographs. (You will know which ones are his because they have a flash and they’re a thousand times better than mine.)

So, here we go, 50 billion photos from today for you. (PS. I finished this just now, it’s 1:20am):

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Things I’ve seen at NZFW: Day One.

Posted on August 26, 2014


NOM*D. Photos/Me and James K Lowe

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a long time, you’ll notice that there wasn’t much action going on today compared to previous years. This is partly because I don’t know whether I want to try to compete with big publications when getting photos up quickly, and partly because this year James and I are actually contributing to Vivaso we’ve got other things to do and other people to answer to (check our coverage (and theirs) here).

That being said I have been taking a few snaps around the place, so here’s a photo diary of my day today in full chronological order (interspersed with some outtakes from James):

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The Uniform feat. Moira.

Posted on August 13, 2014


Moira (Clyne). All Photos/James K Lowe.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Moira (Clyne) for a while now, maybe a year. I mean it in the least creepy way possible. (It’s funny, when you spend decent periods of time at a modelling agency you pick up phrases like ‘keeping an eye on’ and ‘her body/face/hair/etc is looking good’ and after a while it doesn’t feel weird anymore.) She was pretty shy when I first encountered her, but over the last 6 months she’s really come into her own. She’s still quiet, but she’s got an energy and a presence where you can tell she’s comfortable and confident. She’s got a face that is both pretty and interesting. Maybe it’s the brows, I don’t know, but I like it.

Check out Moira, our 7th girl in this Uniform project, after the cut (clothing credits at the end):

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NZFW: Show Packages 2014 – Red Eleven

Posted on August 8, 2014


Juliette Perkins in Red Eleven’s NZFW Show Package. Images/Supplied.

I’ve saved the biggest show package for last. Since acquiring N Model Management, Red 11‘s model count has increased a tonne, so it’s not surprising that they have 73 show cards for this year’s fashion week. There are a few too many models of note to mention, so I’m just going to talk about a few of them. Firstly, Juliette Perkins – I’m pretty sure this is her NZFW debut and I think she’s Red 11′s new face to watch. She’s 5’11″, lean, and I can tell you first hand she’s a breeze to work with.

Ella Corbin came from N Models, she’s also a new(ish) face I think will do well based on the work she’s gathered so far this year. Same goes with Natarsha Orsman and Monica Cronin who both recently signed to IMG. Alex Stokes and Maxine are both models I have always found had a cool look, so I hope they book something this year. And as a bit of a wild card, I’ve never seen Ash Cole before, but I think if she’s got a good walk I think she’s got potential.

On the male front, I feel like I’ve heard a lot about this Djordje so I think he’ll be popular based on that. Dane Bell is edgy and has that whole European vibe, and David Holworthy is a guy I tried to scout outside a store in Britomart one time. I think he’s got a good look and a sort of ‘charm’ about him. Paul W also looks like he could be perfect for some of the edgier New Zealand brands (also, kind of unrelated, but I totally went to the same dance school as that guy. He was way younger than me but I remember he was good at tap. That is all.)

Finally, there are a few seasoned models thrown in there – Ngahuia, Penny Pickard, Siannon, Liv O’Driscoll to an extent. You’ll see even Jaime Ridge is giving this a go. Check out the full package below:

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NZFW: Show Packages 2014 – Unique Models

Posted on August 8, 2014


Tessa, the one to watch from Unique Model Management’s NZFW Show Package (in my opinion!). Images/Supplied.

For a relatively new agency (formed earlier this year), Unique has a decent number of models on its books. Their show package consists of 28 girls and boys – many of whom are newish faces. There are a couple of people of note – firstly, upwardly mobile Tessa, who had a really successful first season at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia a few months ago, secondly, their international Amy, who has a pretty great portfolio from what I can see on the website, and finally, Finn who has just returned from Milan and is just classic good looking.

Others I am looking out for (at NZFW and just in the future) based on their showcards – Erin, Mackenzie – who is really new and from the South Island, and Ruby because LOOK AT HER FACE. Finally, Ed, and I’m not sure why I like the look of this guy but that headshot he’s got makes me want to see more. In the least creepy way possible.

Check the full show package below:

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