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Posted on August 28, 2014

WIWT, Day Three of NZFW. Photo/James K Lowe.
Waa-hey, it’s the last big day of fashion week. I mean, tomorrow there are a couple of shows but today is what many would consider the last day of New Zealand Fashion Week before it hits New Zealand Fashion WeekEND which is an in-season, consumer based event open to the public.
What was I saying?
Oh yes. So it’s the last day and for me, that means dressing down. I haven’t quite hit normcore just yet but I’m almost there. Jeans and a tee was the order of the day today and I am so glad I made that decision. I am so comfortable right now. Slightly cold, but so comfortable. The tee is cool, it’s Rag and Bone (you can get it here) and it feels really good, it’s got this texture, you probably can’t really tell from the photo but it’s nice. Other things to mention about the tee – it’s got a high neck and longer slimmer sleeves than your average tee, which kind of makes me feel like I’m wearing a rash vest, but I like that. It’s different. It’s kind of sheer, I’m wearing a Nike sportsbra underneath.

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Posted on August 27, 2014



WIWT, Day Two of NZFW. Photos/James K Lowe.

Okay so I’m sitting on the floor of my lounge and I’m in an extreme hurry so I can’t talk much about what I wore/am still wearing, but basically for the last month I have been wearing a variation of this outfit on the reg. It’s this amazing dress from Twenty-seven Names (bonus: pockets), a Penny Sage sweater that is wide and cropped and boxy and one of my favourites, a vintage Levi’s denim jacket that James bought for me from Japan and Karen Walker loafers. The tote is my trusty Madewell number. The hat is by Lack of Color.

Happy Wednesday guys.

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Posted on August 27, 2014


What I Wore Today. Photos/James K Lowe.

What would fashion week be without self-indulgent, narcissistic pictures of ones self? I’m documenting my week of outfits because I’m making an effort to look at least a little bit like I should be at a fashion week and that is an achievement in itself. Today was the first day, and based on previous years I can tell you that the first day of fashion week is generally the one you put the most energy into because you’re feeling fresh and you’re not sure what everyone else will be wearing or who will be judging you so you try really hard. By the last day you give zero fucks and are wearing jeans and sneakers.

So. Day one of fashion week. It was relatively warm in the day time so I capitalised on the sunny weather and wore this Juliette Hogan tee with a split up the back, a Kate Sylvester bralet underneath, with a Karen Walker skirt, belt and sunglasses. My loafers are these ones by Phillip Lim. I also carried a Karen Walker x Benah bag from last season. On a related note, do you know what’s really great about a long, full skirt? It covers almost everything and is super comfortable and you can also easily eat in it. Best decision ever.

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Does anyone read blogs anymore?

Posted on July 26, 2014


Me at the height of my blogging, circa 2010. 

I’ve got to be honest with you, a lot of the motivation behind this post is self-brought-on anxiety based on the fact that I haven’t really put up anything all week. I tend not to like ‘filler’ posts but I haven’t got one solid ‘story’ idea and several half ones, so this will have to do to alleviate my non-posting guilt.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about this blog, why I have it, what I get out of it, what I put into it. It’s been 5 and a quarter years since I started it and I’ve gone from posting 3 times a day to 3 times a week if I’m feeling good. Why is that? I think a lot because there are a tonne of blogs and websites out there now with the same kind of thing I am writing about. I also have this feeling that if I know about it, I assume everyone else already knows about it too, so why write about it unless I’ve got something specific to say?

Back at what I would say was the ‘height’ of my ‘blogging motivation’, I was checking my RSS reader every day (RIP Google Reader), I would wake up early and check up on all the news, just so I was on top of everything, I would check other people’s blogs and I would pre-plan posts late at night for the upcoming week. I don’t do that at all anymore and I don’t feel like anyone else does either. Or maybe it’s a case of assuming the way my circle of friends acts, is the same way that ‘everyone’ acts.

I don’t think I spend less time on the internet now, but my output is a lot lower. It recently occurred to me that if I don’t give a shit about what the majority of bloggers out there have to say, why would anyone give a shit about what I do? The amount of pictures of myself I used to post. Holy hell. Is this the natural progression of a blogger? Information out, information out, information out, then a few years pass and for some reason it’s now nicer to keep a few things private? Do their blogs still garner the interest they used to?  Is it just me? Did I just fall out of love with the internet? And if so, why am I still here? What’s keeping me here? Will this pass? Tavi moved on, I feel like I haven’t heard from Bryan Boy in a minute, let alone Rumi Neely. I mean, what happened to all those #menswear bloggers from 2011? They all got real jobs, started writing for bigger publications, quit the menswear game, became photographers.

So that leads me to my final question: does anyone even read blogs anymore?

I helped Moochi design a dress

Posted on April 30, 2014

Me, in my Moochi ‘Katherine’ dress. Photo/James K Lowe.

Designing a dress for yourself isn’t easy. Designing a dress in collaboration with a brand is even harder. I was put to the test when Moochi approached me (and four other great girls – see here) a few months back, and asked each of us to help design a black dress to go into stores as part of their dress week collection.

I can’t speak for the others but I was pretty gung-ho at the start, I mean – all I needed to do was think of a dress and then tell Moochi about it and they would make it, right? I soon realised there are a lot of factors that go into designing a dress – you need to think about fits and how the garment will look on a range of sizes, and then you have to think about fabrics because some fabrics don’t work with certain fits. Then there’s the actual construction of the garment – I mean, you have to get into it somehow, right? Also, I had to keep the commercial viability factor in mind.

So with all that being said, I think I did a pretty good job of producing a dress that has a bit of me in it and a bit of Moochi, and a little bit of what I think other people will like. I wanted it to be simple and easy to wear, be able to be worn in the day and at night, and I was pretty adamant it needed to be made from a good quality fabric. After a couple of fittings and a bit of back and forth, what resulted was a cute black silk shift with sheer sleeves, a sheer insert at the neck and an elongated keyhole at the back.

I’ve got some pictures of the dress on a real model, but until then, here are a couple of me lounging around wearing the sample. This Moochi ‘Katherine’ dress goes into stores during dress week (16-18 May) but is available for pre-order (all the dresses as part of dress week have been made in very limited numbers) from today onwards, from here.

Happy viewing, readers.

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A story about me playing tennis

Posted on April 24, 2014

Me on the court in my tennis gears last weekend. Instax (because everyone looks better on instax)/Ben Lawson.

I played tennis on and off for the duration of my childhood. I never partook in any other sport, aside from a one season stint at basketball when I was 10, and a one season stint at 6th form ‘Social Soccer’ which I did largely because there was a navy hoodie as part of the sports uniform and you could wear it at school in place of (or in my case, on top of) your standard v-neck school uniform sweater.

I don’t know how old I was when I first got sent to David Branks at Mount Eden Tennis Club. Young, though. I actually went through a bunch of tennis coaching clinics but mostly Mount Eden’s ones. I’d go weekly in Primary school, and more in the holidays. I’d do interclub on weekends in summer and at 15 years old I would spend most of my school holidays at the tennis club. I’d go in the morning from 9:00am – 12:00pm to the Junior Tennis Clinic and teach the 5 year olds ball skills, or umpire the 8 year olds games (for $7.00 an hour, cash in hand). I’d walk to the dairy in Mt Eden Village and get a drink, then a pie, then I’d walk back down Poronui Street and attend the Advanced Tennis Clinic as a ‘student’ from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. In January for a few years my whole family would fly to Melbourne to watch the Australian Open. Heck, I even had private lessons at one stage.

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