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Late night thoughts.

Posted on November 17, 2015

Bill Cunningham riding off into the sunset at NYFW in 2011. Photo/Me. So it’s 11:27pm on Monday night and I spent the last hour and a bit writing a post about the phrase ‘skinny-shaming’ and how people think it’s equal to ‘fat-shaming’ when in my opinion it isn’t really, and then while I was writing it Ben was looking over my shoulder picking it apart (Ben has been ‘skinny-shamed’ his whole life) and then we got in this argument and then I started crying because I was so frustrated so now I have started a whole new blog post because I feel like now maybe I can’t post the other one, but now I’m not sure what I’m going to write about. I mean,…

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I have 24 full days to figure out how to do 25 full push-ups.

Posted on November 7, 2015

My Nike Training Schedule for the rest of the month.  I have 24 full days to figure out how to do 25 full push-ups. Simple enough. I mentioned this last week briefly, but if you didn’t see it I will recap: I am one week into a four-week Nike training programme put together by New Zealand fitness extraordinaire’s Kirsty Godso and Lydia O’Donnell. The programme was built based around some fitness goals I want to achieve and you know, my actual ability. If I’m being completely honest, my usual strategy with this kind of thing is to really play down my fitness level, give myself the easiest goals possible so I know that I can achieve them with least effort possible, post lots of instagrams of…

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The new fitspo me.

Posted on October 6, 2015

When I was like, 12 years old I used to wear this Russell Athletic hoodie around the place all the time. I thought I was really bloody cool. Firstly, the thing was a HOODIE, secondly it had that real American Collegiate style lettering on the front. It’s one of the few things I wore as a child and don’t feel embarrassed about. So with that in mind, when Russell Athletic asked me if they could send me a bunch of gym gear in celebration of the drop of their latest performance collection, ‘Matrix’, I said ‘yeah boi’ (ever the professional), and because I am now a fitness person (or at least I try to look like one) I told them I would try out all the pieces over…

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I styled my first show ever and it was great / presenting: Sylvester AW 2016, ‘Forever’

Posted on August 17, 2015

Renee (Clyne) in the ‘Wino Forever’ tee. All show photos/James K Lowe and Karen Ishiguro.  I have been off the grid. If you tried to get a hold of me in the last week or so, you probably haven’t been able to as I have been immersed in a job that I have never done before – styling a fashion show. The show was last night and it was Kate Sylvester‘s ‘Sylvester’ collection for next season – Winter 2016. I was pretty stoked to be even considered for the job given that I have little experience with the behind the scenes of a show, so I am extremely grateful to Kate for giving me the opportunity. I know that sounds like something you have…

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I moved house/Beauty products I met and liked

Posted on June 2, 2015

My new bathroom shelves (before I had to move it all to fit Ben’s things in). A few things have happened over the last fortnight. Firstly, I moved house. It feels like maybe it’s a bit too personal to say this in a public forum, but I moved in with my boyfriend Ben and my friend Maddy and sort of with Ben’s 5 year old son (that isn’t mine for those who just tuned in, lol). I say sort of with Ben’s son, because Ben only has Oli half of the week so it’s like he’s a part-time flatmate. So that happened on Saturday. I moved a bunch of my things and also threw out a bunch of my things. Nothing makes you realise you…

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Posted on April 26, 2015

  Murphy’s Law – One and a half weeks out of embarking on my epic 3-hours-or-so+plus-warmup-and-warmdown NTC Tour Sydney workout session, my training comes to an almost halt, mostly due to being busy (which isn’t a real excuse), out of town (also not a real excuse) and coming down with what I think is a cold/flu type thing (actual excuse). This is kind of f*cked because I have taken many steps to avoid this exact situation – I’ve been staying at my house away from my sick boyfriend (he has been left to fend for himself), eating well, drinking lots of water, taking Viralex. But that’s how life goes, so here I am, in bed, with a disgusting feeling in the back of my…

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