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NZFW: Show Packages 2014 – Red Eleven

Posted on August 8, 2014


Juliette Perkins in Red Eleven’s NZFW Show Package. Images/Supplied.

I’ve saved the biggest show package for last. Since acquiring N Model Management, Red 11‘s model count has increased a tonne, so it’s not surprising that they have 73 show cards for this year’s fashion week. There are a few too many models of note to mention, so I’m just going to talk about a few of them. Firstly, Juliette Perkins – I’m pretty sure this is her NZFW debut and I think she’s Red 11′s new face to watch. She’s 5’11″, lean, and I can tell you first hand she’s a breeze to work with.

Ella Corbin came from N Models, she’s also a new(ish) face I think will do well based on the work she’s gathered so far this year. Same goes with Natarsha Orsman and Monica Cronin who both recently signed to IMG. Alex Stokes and Maxine are both models I have always found had a cool look, so I hope they book something this year. And as a bit of a wild card, I’ve never seen Ash Cole before, but I think if she’s got a good walk I think she’s got potential.

On the male front, I feel like I’ve heard a lot about this Djordje so I think he’ll be popular based on that. Dane Bell is edgy and has that whole European vibe, and David Holworthy is a guy I tried to scout outside a store in Britomart one time. I think he’s got a good look and a sort of ‘charm’ about him. Paul W also looks like he could be perfect for some of the edgier New Zealand brands (also, kind of unrelated, but I totally went to the same dance school as that guy. He was way younger than me but I remember he was good at tap. That is all.)

Finally, there are a few seasoned models thrown in there – Ngahuia, Penny Pickard, Siannon, Liv O’Driscoll to an extent. You’ll see even Jaime Ridge is giving this a go. Check out the full package below:

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NZFW: Show Packages 2014 – RPD Models

Posted on August 8, 2014



Ashleigh Good, not part of RPD’s NZFW Show Package, but still in attendance. Images/Supplied.

RPD Models is a small agency but they’ve got a heavy hitter by the name of Ashleigh Good. Scouted at a bus stop on Auckland’s North Shore in November of 2011, she was 3 months later doing a Givenchy exclusive. She’s walked Chanel nine seasons in a row, for god’s sake. It’s insane. Anyway, you may remember all that excitement a month ago about her closing the Chanel Haute Couture in a full state of pregnancy. Yeah, well, that’s a thing. It may be stopping her from modelling right now, but it hasn’t stopped her from being involved with New Zealand Fashion Week:

This year we are celebrating Ashleigh Good, the growing RPD Model family. Ashleigh is a mentor to the New Faces and we are so happy to have her here for the casting and she will be attending NZFW as a delegate and representative of RPD Models.” – Rose Packard-Dube, owner and founder of RPD Models.

Cool huh?

Anyway, moving on. I got sent this sneak peek at RPD’s show package, and based soley on pictures, my ones to watch would be Mary Maguet – the face of Karen Walker’s current lookbook, Shannon Cook, a girl I haven’t seen lately but have always thought had a really interesting face, and maybe even Indiana Cooper or Elizabeth Timings as a couple of new face wild cards. When it comes to boys, my pick would be Morgan Cadell. He’s only 6′ but he’s got such good bone structure.

Check them all out below:

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NZFW: Show Packages 2014 – Clyne

Posted on August 8, 2014


Imogen Gentles’ show card as part of Clyne’s NZFW Package. Images/Supplied.

Clyne’s NZFW package for this year is small and succinct. I know this because I spend 20 hours of my week in the agency. The amount of work that goes into preparing and strategising for fashion week is huge for fashion bookers (at Clyne and elsewhere) so I have a lot more respect for them now I’ve seen the process.

Anyway, the idea of a fashion week package is to promote the people who the agency thinks are in the best position for fashion week – availability-wise, what I’d like to call ‘walkability’-wise (how good their walk is), height-wise, etc. There are a bunch of great seasoned walkers (Bella, Kelvin, Natalya, Sophie, etc) and a couple of cool internationals (Remy has an Ashleigh Good vibe), but I’m going to be watching a few of the new faces carefully – Carmel is one I think has a good walk and an interesting look, and the same goes for Marie and Zara. Emma Boyd has graduated from the development board onto the main board and with good cause, I expect her to well over the week. Moira has a great walk, this will be her NZFW debut and I think she might just be Clyne’s new face to watch. When it comes to boys, I think Karl is both interesting and has a great look and personality. Wilson has never done fashion week before but he’s tall, has great measurements and a real European vibe about him which I think is cool.

Check out the rest of Clyne’s great girls and boys below:

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NZFW: Show Packages 2014 – 62 Models

Posted on August 7, 2014


Rachel Rutt (Chic), one of 62 Models’ internationals in their NZFW Show Package for 2014. Images/Supplied.

Seeing as New Zealand Fashion Week is a mere 2.5 weeks away and the official casting is this Saturday, I thought it relevant to post the NZFW show packages from some of the local modelling agencies, highlighting a few of the people I think will do well this year, are of note, or just look plain interesting to me. I don’t think I’m an authority on models, but I am interested in the industry and think I know a little bit about it, so I hope that some of the people I mention get booked! (Especially since half of the things I’m saying are based on photos alone.)

There have been a few changes in the industry of late – Nova was bought by Clyne, Red 11′s founder/co-owner Amanda Betts left and the agency acquired N Model Management soon after, Monarch Models disappeared to I have no idea where, Unique Model Management popped up, and 62 Models’ founder Sara Tetro sold her business to her head booker. PHEW.

Anyway, trucking right along, below is this year’s show package from 62 Models. Note the inclusion of Chic’s well-known Rachel Rutt as their international, alongside Valentina Ruby (also from Chic, currently the face of RUBY’s SS14-15 campaign). One would assume Rachel’s will only be available for direct bookings, but who knows. Others to note: young and upwardly mobile girls, Asena and Kizzie – both 5’11″, Eden who has done a few stints in Sydney this year, Elena who I find really interesting and have seen around a lot more lately, Mirella – who as you can probably tell, is NZNTM winner Christobelle’s sister – and has a good walk, and Lauren who I’ve never seen before but stands out to me because she’s got an interesting face and is tall and has good measurements. On the boys end, Mack has returned from a pretty successful season in Europe so I imagine he’ll be popular, and I don’t know because I haven’t seen him in a long time, but I’m hoping this is Levi’s comeback! Check out these guys and the other great girls and guys, below:

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Here’s the official list of international delegates attending NZFW (so far)

Posted on August 1, 2014


Bloggers at last year’s NZFW.

Just incase you’re a freak like me and are interested in who is being flown down to New Zealand Fashion Week (Aug 25-29, followed by New Zealand Fashion Weekend, August 29-31) this year, on behalf of New Zealand Fashion Week, I have obtained a list (below).

A few things I personally would like to note before you go ahead and read it. As far as I know, the international delegates aren’t paid to be at New Zealand Fashion Week, but NZFW does pay for their flights and accommodation and registration. The international delegates have their invites organised for them, and are each given a minder to help them get around the place and get to shows on time. The delegates are expected to attend every show and I’m told it’s enforced. This year NZFW has been pushed forward so it does not clash with New York Fashion Week (as opposed to previous years). As you can see by the list, most international print publications are opting to push NZFW through their websites/social media outlets. It is interesting to see who NZFW deems important enough a publication to spend the money on flying here. The press release I got had a lot more detail in it than the list I’ve whittled it down to below, but I figure you can just google or click the links of these people to find out more about them:

  • Connie Cao, Australian blogger at K is for Kani
  • Adam Katz, New York based streetstyle photographer, shooting for Le 21éme and W magazine.
  • Willabelle Ong, Singapore-born, Australian-based blogger at Pale Division, also contributing to NYLON Singapore
  • Hallie Gould, from Marie Claire US, creating NZFW content for Marie Claire’s website and social media outlets.
  • Hannah Ongley, expat Kiwi based in NYC, contributing to Styleite
  • Jo Shapland, Senior Communications Director of ASOS
  • Bridget Hope (formerly Simply You NZ) joins us this year from Singapore Magazines representing Harpers Bazaar, Women’s Weekly and online store ‘She Shops’, all part of Singapore Magazines.
  • Debra Langley, expat Kiwi based in Asia along with partner Sophie Hennard, on behalf of ‘Inverted Edge’, an online store and fashion brand agency that focuses on contemporary designers from Asia, the Pacific and Beyond.
  • A representative from Rayli Magazine from China (one of the top 3 Fashion Magazines in China).

The end.

Happy Friday.

PS: Big thanks to Vinny at CCC for sending this through.

NZFW: Day Three at the shows.

Posted on September 6, 2013

Day three – the final day of New Zealand Fashion Week (pretty much). It’s 12:11am and you know what? I’m pretty tired and it just took me one and a half hours to go through images so I think I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves. (Cop out!) First show I went to was NZFD which is, I think, an online store. (If I were a good blogger I’d do the research but let’s be honest, that ain’t gonna happen right now.) The group show had something like five designers in it, all showing clothes made in New Zealand. Choice:

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