Dear Reader,

Three and half weeks ago I suddenly remembered that my eighth blog ‘birthday’ was coming up on March 6th, and I decided then, that that would be the day that I would kill it.

Eight years is a long time. I mean, I talked about this a bit in my last post – eight years is one of the longest periods of times that I have committed to anything. I don’t really know how to say any of this because it’s 10.27pm and I’ve just been at a dinner and I’ve had 3 glasses of wine and it’s all kind of a weird emotional thing for me but basically I think it’s just time to move on from the whole ‘Katherine is Awesome’ blog and start fresh.

You might know already but this whole thing started kind of as a joke. My best friend Kate, her boyfriend bought her ‘’ (which no longer exists) and then to be funny (I think?), my then work colleague, Nivin, bought me ‘’ for my birthday and set up a blog on it and got my friends to all comment happy birthday messages (this post no longer exists). It was nice at the time, but I didn’t think much of it (you have to remember, this was over eight years ago so blogging was nowhere near as prolific as it is now), but like with everything in my life, I just fell into posting, and on March 6th, 2009, I put up my first post about this basic as Witchery shoe (that I did end up buying) and then I was on a roll.

I think about my life back then and my life now and as much as I am embarrassed about so many of those old posts, I have no regrets. This blog opened up opportunities for me that I would never have had otherwise. I owe my current life to this blog. It’s how I met so many of my good friends. It’s how I met Maddy Budd! It’s how I met Ella! It’s how I got my current job. It’s how I met Kanye West. It’s how I got to visit Sweden, how I got to see my first ever Burberry show, it’s how I (re)met my boyfriend, even. It’s why I started (and stopped lol) running! I mean, it’s why I started fucking exercising! There are so many links I want to post here, like that blog post about the random guy who sent me a dick pic or that one about my thoughts on Hallensteins bringing Playboy bunnies to NZ, but if I do that I will feel too sad.

I won’t go into all the reasons why is getting the lethal injection today because I feel like it’s sort of obvious and it’s been a little while coming, but I do want to say thank you to every person who has taken some of their precious time and spent it reading my posts. Whether you hated it or loved it or were disgusted or embarrassed or you rolled your eyes a million times or whether you sent me a comment or whether you skim-read it, I appreciate it so much. Also to all the people who have helped create the content – PR’s, brands, models, photographers, friends – thank you a million.

So what now?

My friend Lani (who I met through blogging lol) and I are starting a little project. It will be fresh but also familiar. I mean, it is basically the parts I really love about this blog, on another blog, mixed with things she likes too. And maybe some other things from women we know and like. My whole plan was to have it live today so I could send you there, but in true Lani and Katherine form, we are both lazy and it won’t be ready for a couple of weeks. I can tell you this now, though – it will be called ‘Rally‘ and I hope you will visit sometime.

See you ’round.