A pixelated thing from the internet that James sent this to me, it’s a still from Enter The Void.

Ha! I think have achieved a personal best. The last time I was logged into here was on the 14th of November, 2016. 2016! God, what a ride. But also, not really a ride at the same time because I honestly can’t think of anything that happened in the last three and a half months that would really be of any interest. That is how boring I am now, because I’m old and I’m in a stable relationship and I have a stable job and basically I don’t want to say it but I’m ‘settled’.

I remember when I was really cranking with this blog. I was all over the show, I was doing mad tings. I was in this relationship that wasn’t one, but I was trying to make it one or pretend I didn’t care that it wasn’t one, I was pretending that blogging was my job  but in reality I was being paid like, hardly anything but I was able to live and go to cafés and take photos of my food and buy clothes and take photos of my clothes because I lived at my moms and paid a nominal amount to be there. What a bloody time to have a blog in New Zealand. What great timing.

But we are coming up to eight years of being online, paying for this domain name and talking about myself like people give a fuck, typing whatever I want on a semi-regular basis (regardless of whether it’s good or not) and I have been thinking to myself – eight years is a fucking long time. In fact, I was driving home from my stable job (lol) today and I was thinking to myself, about how long eight years really is:

  • Eight years is older than Ben’s son, Oli. This blog has existed longer than that human has been around. Mind blowing.
  • Eight years is longer than any romantic relationship I’ve ever had.
  • Eight years and I still have not managed to get my Full drivers license.

So, that is all kind of just mumble-jumble, stream of consciousness shit. I am here to tell you some Highs and Low(e)s of the last three and a half months, on the day before the last day of February. Here I go:


Two women on the internet who have managed to purchase the Gucci Jordaan loafer in their size. 


  1. I managed to get through the New Years period without crying about how old I am and how I have achieved nothing with my life.
  2. I haven’t eaten KFC since December 2, 2016. I mean, is that an achievement? Probably not for your average person but hey that is almost three months which is almost a miracle considering I think I ate it maybe 2-3 times a month before that.
  3. Back when everyone was watching Cowspiracy, I was pretty anti it. I didn’t really want to have some film tell me about how I’m fucking up the earth by eating animal products and now I have to become a vegan, so I never watched it. Then I went to Melbourne in January and I got on the plane and I had only paid for ‘Seat + Bag’ so I was limited to what I could watch and I ended up seeing Leonardo Di Caprio’s ‘Before The Flood’ and shit got real. I don’t know whether it was the airplane environment or the fact that I haven’t seen a documentary of this nature before, but something resonated with me. There’s this bit in the film where this guy basically says if you just have one vegetarian day a week, or even if you just choose to eat a different meat than beef a few times, you’re making a difference to the world and that has stuck with me. Maybe because it seems so achievable (as opposed to becoming full vegan), I don’t know but I have eaten a few vegetarian meals recently (pretty much unheard of in Chinese culture, I’m sure my grandmother would be shocked) and it’s actually been kind of cool. I know it’s not a lot but it’s a start.
  4. Speaking of my grandmother, my dad and my brother and I took her to the Being Chinese in Aotearoa: A photographic journey exhibition at the Auckland Museum, and afterwards she was like, “I’m very happy, please see me again soon” and god I never really visit her so I felt so sad but so happy I went with her at the same time.
  5. Usually after a few seasons, I feel like most TV shows just run out of plot-lines and get worse and worse (*cough* The Affair *cough*) and then just end. That is not the case with Shameless, or more recently I’ve noticed, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The latter got so good, this current season is laugh. out. loud. hilarious.
  6. Was not super hyped on Lewis Road Creamery‘s Chocolate Milk and was all like, ‘I’m too cool for hype foods’ but a friend gave me some of their Chocolate Butter and yeah I slept on it at the time but recently I have been going HAM. I have been eating that shit straight from the container which people think is disgusting, but hey don’t knock it ’til you try it.
  7. Obsessed with this ‘American Kids Try set of videos.


  1. Over Christmas I got conjunctivitis for the first time and I can tell you now, that shit is fucked. I always thought it was just some stupid eye infection like, yeah yeah yeah, whatever, get over it, but now I have full appreciation for how awful it really is.
  2. What is it with people who walk infront of cars pulling out of driveways? I know this is quite a specific pet peeve to have, but I have it. Every day I have to leave my (stable) job, and I go to the carpark and I have to drive out of the carpark onto a busy main road, and I have basically drive across the entire street to get to a street on the other side. This starts with turning into the far lane, which involves crossing a bus lane and all this shit, so I am like half on the driveway, nose in the bus lane and not exactly out here waiting for people to walk in front of my god damn car. Walk behind it you idiots! It’s not like I’m reversing! Don’t walk IN FRONT OF THE CAR WHEN I AM DRIVING FORWARD FOR FUCKS SAKE.
  3. Went through a phase of waking myself up at 3.45am every morning, needing to pee. I mean, I’m out of that now but while it was happening it was pretty luggage.
  4. What to do when someone you know and like says sexist and racist things but also is so jovial and like, not ill-meaning at the same time? Ahhh so awkward. I know lots of people would be like ‘call them out!’ but YOU try being a woman and Chinese with a real complex over being liked and YOU try to say something.
  5. Haven’t read a book since I last posted on this site.
  6. This is stupid but for ages I have wanted to buy those Gucci Jordaan loafers (NOT slip on), and I have saved up the money and everything and it’s sitting there in this bank account I have called ‘Gucci Loafer Account’ and it’s like the universe does not want me to have them. They do not have them in Auckland in my size. I have been on the waitlist for, I don’t know, 6 months and they still haven’t received my size. They had them in Hong Kong when I was at the airport but hey, after I worked out the exchange rate, they were like $225 more than here, fuck that. I went to Melbourne and their last pair in my size were on hold for another customer. The universe does not think I should have these loafers.
  7. The parking lot where I park my car for work has a few trees around and when I park there, birds absolutely annihilate my car with shit.
  8. I dropped my phone in the bathroom and it has a crack in the screen that I don’t want to pay to fix. Also, there’s a weird black mark on the camera so in every photo I take, there’s this weird black mark. The funny thing is, this also happened to my last phone and I have no idea why.
  9. I’m a dick for complaining about most of the above.