When my good friend Lani told me (she never asked, lol) that I was going to be her first guest (aka trial interviewee) on her new podcast she was doing with Ben I was kind of hesitant. I mean, I never told her this at the time but I am wary of in-person, on-phone, ‘live’ type interviews because I get nervous, I kind of hate the sound of my voice, I don’t think I’m very good at censoring myself (will panic if put on the spot), and I’m not as articulate as I could be if given the chance to edit my answers. Also, you may not know this but Lani has a Journalism degree and she’s worked as reporter for Radio New Zealand - INTIMIDATING.

On top of that, I knew she was going to ask me about my background and my race, and as much as it probably seems like I love talking about that stuff, I am also really aware that the last time I did that quite publicly, I got a bunch of hate mail so it almost sometimes feels like it’s not worth it.

But hey, like I said – she told me I was doing it, and she’s almost a foot taller than me, so I did. (Jokes.)

The podcast is called Snacks and Chats. I’m pretty sure the name was made up on the spot in our interview – you can read more about it here but basically Lani is the interviewer, Ben is the producer and when they record the podcast there is chatting and eating of snacks. This first series of interviews is based on Lani’s ‘I thought I recognised her’ blog posts. Like I said – read more about it here.

Last night I asked Lani what she loved most about podcasts, her immediate answer was “Stories - learning shit, and hearing people tell interesting and engaging stories. Sometimes they are comforting – I like to be made to consider/think about things in ways I may not have.”

So there you have it. Snacks and Chats podcast went live today, you can listen to it here and for the next few Mondays. (I can’t promise my interview will blow your mind but there are some other interviewees in the coming weeks that will!)

Happy listening, guys. 


Hey, so this is kind of unrelated, but kind of related.

I have been sitting on a sort of opinion piece about something that has been bugging me for a few weeks now. At first, I was pretty gung-ho and wanted to go all in, aggressively, but at the same time I have had a small voice in my head saying to myself ‘hey, maybe that isn’t the right way to go about this’ and ‘there a time and place for this discussion, but maybe now on your public blog is not one of them’ and a week and a half ago I came to the conclusion that I will not be writing an open letter to The Edge Breakfast Show BUT because we are all here talking about podcasts which is kind of like radio, I would like you all (if you have some time) to listen to this discussion that aired live nationwide for all to hear, and formulate some thoughts and also feel disgusted and angry about the whole thing and maybe even email me about how pissed you are, so we can air our grievances in a non-violent fashion and have back and forth email chats about how racist and shit that whole conversation was.

PS: Shout out to The Spinoff for picking it up and putting it out there.