Photos/James K Lowe for Georgia Alice. 

I don’t usually like posting straight up look books because it seems kind of like a waste of internet space, you know? Like, they’re everywhere, on so many people’s blogs and sites and I know there’s limitless amounts of storage on the internet but it seems just like a waste when they’re duplicated a hundred million times over. That being said, I am about to go and contradict everything I just said and post some of my favourites from the Georgia Alice Northern Hemisphere AW16-17 collection (our Southern Hemisphere’s SS16-17 collection) because I really believe it is worth you all taking the time to look at.

I have basically all the images at my disposal and I have narrowed them down to my favourite items of clothing, ones that I really feel like I would wear in real life, or ones that I really wish I could wear in real life if I looked like Seen, the model in these pics. Please have a look, I know I am kind of biased because James took these shots and he is my brother, but I really do love them:


Firstly, crinkled sheer top. Love this and it also comes in black. Secondly, the below tee – I have this from a few seasons ago and it is a really awesome boxy fit.

1v1602_GA_L03_2059 1602_GA_L09_2225

Can’t wear the above because I’m too old BUT it’s like a black puffy cloud!


Nice grey knit:

1602_GA_L31_28801602_GA_L39_3140 1602_GA_L43_3267   1602_GA_L67_3882  1602_GA_L16_2384


I don’t know if the above are straight up pants or jeans or what but I am down.




I saved my favourite of the favourites ’til last and that is this dress. I have a similar dress from last summer’s collection and I really love it but it only came in white and white is not super practical for me so I NEED THIS VERSION. Also this version doesn’t have the deep v neck which means I don’t have to worry about the fact that I’m flat as fuck.


Really love this last shot below, it’s got this casual ‘undone-Cinderella’ vibe.

Happy Wednesday guys!


Photography and Re-touching: James K Lowe
Styling: Paris Mitchell
Hair: Matt Benns