Bon Iver on Saturday night.


  1. I went to Sydney on the weekend to see Bon Iver play this special retrospective show as part of the Vivid festival and it was at the Sydney Opera House and it was amazing. I took some videos with my Fuji but the audio quality is bad, there’s one on my instagram incase you want to hear it, and I guess if you follow me on snapchat you would’ve heard way better audio on there (how is that a thing? The iPhone has incredible audio quality for a phone). I don’t even really have words for the concert really but they played on this circular stage with the audience around them and I am positive hundreds of people were crying in that room, it was so good. Cool Longwinded Backstory: The last (and first) time I went to see Bon Iver was I think in 2012. I missed their show in Wellington because I’m an idiot and basically I knew I was going to New York and I would be alone but I saw they were playing so I decided I would buy 3 tickets in advance from New Zealand at like, US$50 each (the exchange rate was really good) and I thought I would just figure out who could come with me later. Anyway, it turns out the person who said they would go with me got sick, then this guy I met in New York who also said he would go ended up working late that night and really last minute I called Jenny Albright and her friend Simon and they rushed up to Radio City Music Hall to watch with me and it was really great and I remember feeling so glad I went and thinking it was one of the best shows I had ever seen, and I was really sad that they had announced they probably wouldn’t play together again forever or at least for a while, so when Volcano Choir got announced to play in at a festival Boston in 2014, Ben and I got really excited and added Boston onto our trip to New York, and then when we got there a giant storm was coming and their set got cancelled and we were so sad and fast forward to now and Sydney and ALL OUR DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE.
  2. I’m going somewhere exciting next week, a place in the world I have never been to, WATCH THIS SPACE.


  1. I have been sitting on the brink of being sick for like, a week. Constant state of feeling 70%, it is shit.
  2. The parking isn’t very good where I live. There is this parking bay that fits 6 cars comfortably, but there are no lines drawn to separate the parks and there is one dickhead in a red car that ALWAYS PARKS IN THE MIDDLE OF TWO SPACES. Basically they leave space, but not enough for a car to fit. It’s so weird, it’s always that red car, it’s like they see the two gaps free and go ‘oh, I will just go half in one, half in the other’. Idiot.