Photo/James K Lowe.

The other night at around 12.30am, I had a lucid dream. I don’t really ever have lucid dreams, or not that I can ever remember, but this one was pretty hectic and I got woken up shortly after and because I felt so weird about it and wanted to analyse it later, I groggily noted down what happened in the notes section of my phone.

I’m not sure if anyone really is interested in hearing about my dream because I mean, it’s a dream, it wasn’t real, blah blah who cares? Either way, I hardly ever blog on here anymore so I’m just going to assume the only people who will see this are diehard fans or my parents so let’s go right ahead.

Firstly, some other weird shit happened in the dream, I was in a house, for some reason I was sneaking around and I was scared of being caught so there’s that. I don’t know why but it’s a common theme for dreams of mine (that, and being chased – terrifying) so yeah, no biggie.

The really weird part was that I was in a really high building, kind of like a motel building – you know the ones? They’ve got outdoor corridor/walkways with rooms along one side and a handrail along the other. So a building like that. It was warm, kind of how I think Singapore feels (not that I have been there). I was walking along, handrail on my left, doors to rooms on my right, and then I kind of looked down over the handrail. I was maybe 30 stories high. Then, because I was fully aware I was in a dream, I thought to myself, ‘I wonder what would happen if I jumped off this building?’, like would my mind quickly come up with something to break my fall? Would I die? Would I not be able to do it? Would I just start flying?

Anyway, I was kind of freaked out but I decided that I wanted to jump and if I died, well, it was a dream right? It was still scary but I jumped off and let me tell you, it was the most fucking terrifying, awful, stomach-dropping feeling. The last time I felt that sick was on that Tower of Terror at Disneyland California Adventure Park. It lasted forever, and it felt incredibly real, but I didn’t die. I actually almost slightly slowed down towards the end and landed like a cat and then a second later Ben woke me up, but that’s not really the point. The point is, why the fuck did I decide to jump off? What does that mean? Does it mean anything? And has anyone else had a lucid dream because HOW FREAKY ARE THEY? Any insights welcome.

The end. Happy Friday.