Jordan (Red 11). Photo/James K Lowe for Monster Children. 


  1. For those who are wondering I did 30 full push ups in one go on Tuesday at my final challenge! YAY!
  2. On Wednesday we had our work Christmas do and my boss gave me a Fitbit and I have been obsessed with checking my heart rate ever since. Also, related to Fitbit – how does it know when I’m asleep? Is that real? What about the calories? How does it know if I’m burning calories? HOW DOES IT WORK?
  3. I have moved house and the closest supermarket is the most expensive one in Auckland, New World Victoria Park. Prices aside, I have recently discovered the deli section and holy moly, chicken bechamel pies! Hot ham off the bone! It’s so good. The supermarket obviously caters to people who can’t be bothered cook because the amount of convenience foods and prepacked meals and the like is insane.
  4. It turns out I have a knack at finding gifts for people. Do you have a person you need to buy a gift for, for Christmas but you’re stuck on what to get? Email me and I will help you! Tell me your budget and some facts about the person and how they’re related to you and how old they are or whatever and I will try and think of something good.
  5. Fargo season 2.


  1. Noah from The AffairIt’s like in the first season he was okay but now he’s a complete asshole. He’s not likeable at all! (Or at least to me he’s not.) Is anyone with me? God he’s such a dick.
  2. I woke up the other day and my neck hurt and I think I probably slept on it weird but it latest for like 5 days which is quite a long time. Anyway, I decided to book an appointment at the Osteopath (never been before but someone said they would fix it)  but the earliest they could take me on is tomorrow and so back then I was all ‘it will go away by then so there’s no point in wasting my money’ and I cancelled it. Then the OTHER side of my neck hurt yesterday and then today the original side that hurt is hurting so I should’ve just kept the bloody appointment in the first place. Not sure what the point of this story is but if anyone has any tips or advice about osteopaths or acupuncturists (bit scared of that tbh) or whatever, feel free to share.