Pressure 2015 by Gavin Hurley. Photo/via Melanie Roger Gallery


  1. So I’m moving house this coming weekend and every day for the last week I have been staring at my things and regretting purchases, worrying about money, getting annoyed at myself for owning so much stuff and basically thinking about how I should really start becoming one of those people who has less things, but better quality things. Anyway, all of this has culminated in me pulling out all the clothes I don’t wear anymore and trying out different ways of selling them (Trademe, Designer Wardrobe, Facebook, Tatty’s, Recycle Boutique) and I’ve come to the following conclusions – a.) Trademe has too many question-askers for impatient people like me. If you want it, buy it. If you don’t, don’t. b.) There’s something about the 50% commission that Tatty’s and Recycle Boutique take, that makes you feel a bit angry. That being said, Recycle Boutique deposits funds from sales straight into your bank account so that’s pretty convenient. c.) Designer Wardrobe, whilst having a Facebook Group with lots of annoying people in it, now has a website the best upload experience I’ve had to date. Very simple and easy and fast. Also they just launched this bloody ‘Designer Valet’ service where basically you order a courier bag, they send it to your house and you fill it with your clothes and they pick it up (free of charge!) and they photograph and upload all your shit onto the website and sell it on your behalf. They take 30% and deposit the rest (minus $4.95 shipping) into your bank account. Not bad at all.
  2. This crack-up text I got from a random number.
  3. The Cure Kids All Blacks supporters song is actually all good.


  1. Got a flat tyre.
  2. Had a couple of injections in preparation for my trip to China (if you’re kind of weird/you like injections and you want to see videos of it, see here and here). More than 24 hours later I still have dead arms. I hate shots.
  3. Adult acne.
  4. House hunting.