Wednesday wearing Penny Sage. All Photos/Betty Scott Molloy.

I don’t know if any of you know Betty Scott Molloy, but she is a sweet, talented photographer based in Auckland who is from today onwards, contributing to this little blog of mine. ‘Betty Shoots New Faces’ is going to be a regular segment (I hope) on and it’s pretty self-explanatory – Betty shoots new face models she likes, and I post the results. It’s a pretty sweet deal for me, especially considering I have become increasingly time and motivation poor when it comes to creating content for this blog, so I’m pretty grateful and lucky to have Betty on board!

First up, Betty shoots Wednesday from 62 Models. Results below.

Wednesday-BettyScottMolloy-5  Wednesday-BettyScottMolloy-7 Wednesday-BettyScottMolloy-8 Wednesday-BettyScottMolloy-9 Wednesday-BettyScottMolloy-10 Wednesday-BettyScottMolloy-11  Wednesday-BettyScottMolloy-13 Wednesday-BettyScottMolloy-14Wednesday-BettyScottMolloy-1