Nike Fastest Day


  1. Today was the fastest day in Nike history and to celebrate, Maddy and I (and a bunch of other people) hopped in some Maserati’s (WHHHAAT? I know right) and got taken to a secret location (which turned out to be Ardmore Airport) to attempt our fastest mile run. Like 3-4 weeks ago we had our mile timed and I was slow AF. Today I was almost a minute faster even though it was raining, AND I was sick, AND I had just eaten a giant dish of macaroni cheese. GOOD ON ME! Hoorah!
  2. Most of Fashion Week. See below.
  3. My brother.
  4. Mood rings for grown ups.
  5. This recipe for macaroni and cheese which I have made three times in two weeks. It’s not your average mac and cheese – it includes cream and chicken stock for starters. Bloody hell, it’s delicious. So bad for you, but also so great.


  1. Got sick. Spent $105 on Viralex and those Lippomix Vitamin C sachet things.
  2. Lol I did the whole of fashion week and didn’t blog once, sorry guys. (I did however, contribute to Viva’s NZ Fashion Week coverage, so you can check it here. I also will be posting a bunch of pics tomorrow. Or Tuesday. So WATCH THIS SPACE or whatever.)
  3. Had to say bye to my workmate Rathikka who sits next to me (or sat next to me, I should say) and it was sad because we always have laughs and like to talk about cooking and now I have NOONE (jk Demi).
  4. When people don’t know how hashtags work.
  5. Pretty sure the cat has fleas.