Disney Footwear and Apparel Collection by Vans, Winnie the Pooh Authentics. Images/Supplied.

This afternoon I got sent a press release from Vans about the latest Vans x Disney collab product dropping in New Zealand next week. Usually this wouldn’t really be up my alley in terms of what I personally like to wear, but upon discovering the Winnie the Pooh Authentics I was sold.

Winnie the Pooh is my favourite Disney Character (equal with Mickey Mouse). When I was a kid I had this VHS (I’m old) of either a Winnie the Pooh movie or a bunch of eps in a row that my parents had recorded for me – I can’t quite remember which – and it had this whole section of Heffalumps and Woozles which was really great. I used to watch that shit so much. I actually still have it.


Anyway, I decided to open all the other pictures because I was hooked in by the Winnie the Pooh Authentics one, and I discovered a whole plethora of cute. A lot of the collection is a bit kitschy for me, but I love the idea of that Mickey Mouse print on the grey, and the raglan tees and I think on the right people it could look super dope.

I have compiled a bunch of pictures of my favourite pieces, below. Various pieces from the Vans x Disney collab are dropping from next week onwards at selected stockists including Area 51, Loaded and Platypus.