Glassons edt. #5 campaign image. Photo/Darren Ankenman.


  1. Moving into a new house, mostly because when you set everything up it’s all clean and organised and tidy and nice.
  2. The endless amount of entertainment that can come from Dubsmash. (Example below. Wind c/o me and a big shoebox lid.)
  3. Ages ago – like almost a year ago - I got sent a pair of Emu Patterson Mini’s (which are basically waterproof UGG boots). Anyway, they sat in the box for ages because I was all too cool for them, and I thought I would get them out and try them in the rain and see how waterproof they really were and everything - but I didn’t and then it was summer. Now the weather is cold and shitty and I moved house and got them out and I have worn them EVERY DAY. They’re so warm! I’m not sure whether I could wear them outside IRL, but around the house? Fuck yes.
  4. Cauliflower soup.
  5. Blunt Umbrellas – for starters there’s no fear of being poked in the eye by one of the spokes (a legitimate fear of mine), and secondly, apparently you can take them into extreme winds and they won’t go inside out. (I have one but I haven’t tried out the extreme winds thing, but I believe it when they say it.)
  6. Went to a family dinner at Molten the other night. We had 17 people and had the feasting menu. It was pretty delicious and mostly refined-sugar free. Hooray! I recommend. (They also have pig on a spit available. We didn’t have it but I feel like SOMEONE should.)
  7. Glassons’ latest edt range. Their best yet.


  1. You may or may not have heard that I am not eating refined sugar for Junk Free June (sponsor me here! All proceeds go to The Cancer Society!). It’s the end of day 7, which means it’s been one week. It’s actually not been too bad, but the one thing I am missing a lot is not cakes or lollies, but BACON. DID YOU KNOW BACON HAS SUGAR IN IT?! :’(
  2. Omg lol the cat at my new house (long story) pooed on Maddy’s bed.