Designs by Steve Hall, iD International Emerging Designer Awards’ top prize winner. Photos/James K Lowe.


  1. James and I went to Dunedin on Thursday for a couple of nights for iD Fashion Week which was pretty dope. We sampled the infamous cheese rolls, we cooked bacon butties in James’ hotel room, and got to see a fashion show on the longest catwalk in the Southern Hemisphere (which also happened to be in a train station). Some pics below.
  2. I watched Mockingjay: Part 1 last night and I didn’t think I was going to like it BUT I DID. #confessions
  3. You know how I mentioned how I was cutting out processed/refined sugar soon? Well that soon is in June, and it’s for The Cancer Society’s Junk Free June initiative. Long story short, it’s basically Movember but instead of being sponsored/raising money to grow hair and looking bad (or good?) for a month, you get sponsored/raise money to cut out junk food (which ones are up to you) for a month, with all the proceeds going to The Cancer Society of New Zealand. I was originally going to do no KFC for a month but then I realised people would never want to sponsor that because it’s too easy. No refined sugar is going to be HARD. I am going to have to cut out WHITE BREAD, ONE OF THE BEST FOODS OF ALL TIME. The campaign kicks off tomorrow so do consider signing up and/or sponsoring someone!
  4. I’m going to Sydney on Friday!
  5. Mandarin season.
  6. You may have already read this, but if not, take the time to – it’s basically an article about the making of Kim Dotcom’s album, ‘Good Times’. Did you know it cost $1 million to make? Did you know the engineer was forced to drink a cup of soy sauce and then vomited? Pretty weird, but also very fascinating. Do read.


  1. I’m sick.
  2. As mentioned yesterday, I fell off my workouts.


Me on the longest catwalk in the Southern Hemisphere.