Murphy’s Law – One and a half weeks out of embarking on my epic 3-hours-or-so+plus-warmup-and-warmdown NTC Tour Sydney workout session, my training comes to an almost halt, mostly due to being busy (which isn’t a real excuse), out of town (also not a real excuse) and coming down with what I think is a cold/flu type thing (actual excuse).

This is kind of f*cked because I have taken many steps to avoid this exact situation – I’ve been staying at my house away from my sick boyfriend (he has been left to fend for himself), eating well, drinking lots of water, taking Viralex. But that’s how life goes, so here I am, in bed, with a disgusting feeling in the back of my throat, blocked ears and nose, watery eyes and a generally low disposition.

It all started on Wednesday. I felt iffy. I had a long day and decided against doing my 5km run because I have this fear of running outside in the dark and it was late when I got home from work. I said to Ben, ‘I better not get sick this weekend’. I woke up on Thursday morning feeling not-great. I went to work and had that weird feeling in the back of my throat. Ignored it. Got on a plane to Dunedin that afternoon and it all basically went downhill from there.


The scene at the NTC Auckland Event last Monday. 

So, in terms of workouts, the start of the week was great. I did Yogasculpt on Sunday morning which was actually just plain hard, and on Monday I participated in the NTC Auckland event which was an extra long NTC workout. Tuesday I did Barrefigure. All great. Wednesday as mentioned, I fell off. Thursday was a write off too. Friday morning I decided to try to workout the sickness and did a 30 minute NTC workout in my hotel room. Didn’t work. Saturday I ate half a tub of ice-cream because I decided the week was done for, and that brings us to right now, me in bed, not training. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Six days to go. Six days to get back on it. Wish me luck.


Me in my hotel room on Friday, eating an apple, trying to ‘sweat out the sickness’ or whatever they call it.