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  1. Ella’s speech at the Taite Music Prize announcement on Wednesday night. Also, congratulations to Jakob for winning it!
  2. The deep fried cauliflower on the menu at Peach Pit right now.
  3. Made this really great dinner the other night, turns out I really love cooking – don’t know why I don’t do it more often. (Related: turns out I don’t really like baking. Weird, huh.)
  4. James and I are heading to Dunedin for iD Fashion Week at the end of this week. I’ve been to Dunedin once and it was with my ex boyfriend for his sister’s 21st birthday. I don’t remember much aside from it was very, very cold, I fell asleep in a bar and within 2 days I got bronchitis. Dunedin-ites – help! Tell me – where should we go? More importantly, where should we EAT?
  5. There are few things more therapeutic than cleaning our your closet/wardrobe/room. I spent a good few hours whittling down my wardrobe to things I actually wear, yesterday, including throwing out underwear and socks and t-shirts I was keeping for sentimental value. I refolded nearly everything and put it back in the drawers/on the hangers and I swear there is a lightness in me today that was not there before.
  6. On Sunday I went to a screening of That Sugar Film, which is that sugar film (lol) that everyone seems to be talking about. It was pretty good timing for me to watch it because I’ve been doing all this exercise lately and with that obviously comes some thought about diet, but also because I am going to do a month free of processed sugar (for charity – more on this later) so it is nice to know more about how sugar affects people – and it does. I suggest everyone goes out and tries to find out how to watch the film because basically we are consuming way too much sugar guys!


  1. Man’s ability to exert so much energy worrying about things we cannot change. How and why is it that one can spend hours obsessing, thinking and re-thinking about a decision made that’s done, or something that is not even related to us or something that may or may not happen, yet find it so difficult to spend just five minutes on something productive or helpful to our lives? Or is it just me?
  2. I’ve become one of those boring people who can only talk about fitness and why we shouldn’t eat sugar.