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Guys! I made two notable achievements this week. Firstly, I did two workouts in one day which is absolutely insane. I ran 4.5km without stopping yesterday and that is something that I have never done before in my entire life. HOORAY!

All the working out is creating a lot of washing. Partly because of that and mostly because I was so proud of myself for doing so much exercise last week, I decided to treat myself to some workout gear. Rebel Sport is having this sale so basically I went online and bought a bunch of new shit, including Nike Pro 3″ shorts (which I have now just discovered are even cheaper than when I purchased them three days ago, god DAMNIT) – 3 inches is the length of the shorts, as you can probably work out. That’s bloody short, but I have this whole vision of me being real fitspo and wearing them so maybe I’ll have a sudden surge of confidence, who knows?

Anyway, in related news, the Nike Tech running tights (pictured above) are on sale right now and I can tell you now, they are the only Nike tights that I have found that fit an iPhone 6 in them (first world problems, I know), so if that’s what you’re looking for and you are in NZ, you should cop. NTC_Lounge

Me post second workout for the day last Wednesday. 

SO yeah, back to the fitness diary. I went to Monday‘s NTC session in Britomart (you can actually register here to come along if you want?) and it was one of the hardest NTC workouts I’d ever done. Lani said to me after, that she was sweating so much that her necklace kept bouncing up and down and flicking sweat onto her face. That’s how intense it was.

Tuesday I took my rest day, but part of me was worried that if I took the rest day, that I would fall off and suddenly get super weak. I don’t know why I worry about that because it’s actually stupid, but it’s a real thing.

Wednesday I was feeling really ambitious so I went to Barrefigure in the morning, went to work, and the whole time I was thinking ‘you know what? I’ll do a SECONDARY workout this afternoon, I’ll go for my 5km run as per the schedule’ but then it started to rain and I started to feel kind of cold (read: I pussied out) so I decided to find an NTC workout from the app that would take the same amount of time as a 5km run, and do it in the comforts of the lounge. I ended up doing one called ‘Slim Effect’ (lol, classic me) which was 30 minutes and involved a lot of jumping, and then doing a 15 minute stretches one, ‘Full Stretch Guide’.

Thursday I did this pretty hardcore 1.5 hour tennis session.

Friday was the day I did that fucking 4.5km run without stopping. Okay, this was CRAZY for me, I don’t know how it happened. I think it was that whole listening to a podcast thing I talk about all the time, combined with the fact that it was kind of cold out, so I didn’t overheat, combined with the fact that I ran the same circuit I always do and now I know when I get to the top of one road, there’s a downhill, etc. The familiarity of the route I take has started to become a comfort when I run. Anyway, on Monday I changed my running goal to be ‘run 5km without stopping’ but now I think maybe I have to change it back to ‘run 5km in under 30 minutes’ because I am feeling so stoked.

Today I did Barre Burn again because I got told the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) section of it is scientifically proven to burn more calories and increase your metabolism than a 45 minute run. SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. SCIENCE.