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Me after a 5.29km run – not actually that far but boy did it feel like a marathon. 

So it’s the end of week two of my six weeks of ‘fitspo’ and I know you don’t really get physical results after two weeks but WHEN DO YOU? Lol. I mean, I feel good because I’m all smug when I’m in my workout gear and I’m walking around with my bottle of water all ‘I’m just going for a run, guys’, and my muscles are hurting which means things are happening, but in typical Generation Y fashion, I want things and I want them now and I don’t want to have to work for them.

But everyone knows life doesn’t work like that, so back to the grind. There are some great things that happened this week: Firstly, I’m pretty much sticking to my training schedule that I’ve been given* (below). (Well, I’m at least doing some kind of exercise on at least all the days it says to do something.) Secondly, today I ran 2.5km without stopping. This may not seem like much but I have this really bad tendency to run like, one kilometre and then walk 15 metres, then run another kilometre and walk another 20 metres – fast, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow – the whole way, so today when I got to 2.5km before doing a 10 metre walk, I was mad stoked. Other things I have noticed about exercising at least five times a week:

  • You get extra hungry,
  • You have to be really organised in order to fit the actual exercise in (i.e. packing all your gym gear in the morning and taking it to work with you, going early enough that you don’t have to eat before you run because you might spew if you do so, washing your gear straight away so you have it dry for the next day/day after),
  • The feeling of doing the exercise in the morning and having it out of the way and not hanging over our head is almost euphoric, and
  • You have to wash your hair All. The. Bloody. Time.

Also, as part of this whole fitspo thing (lol, I love how I am talking about training like it’s this huge undertaking when in reality I’ve done it for two weeks) I have been trying to eat less crap to see what real differences it will make to my life/energy levels/mental alertness/etc. It has not been that easy because takeaways are bloody calling my name (and I am answering) but I have basically not had chocolate or lollies or cake or cookies for this last two weeks. I had one chocolate this whole time and it was last night, it was a dark chocolate and it had a salted caramel filling and I got it from my mom who stole it from her work and it was god damn delicious.

The end.

PS: As mentioned previously, below is the NTC 6 week training program I have been given*, for anyone who wants to look at it and feel sorry for me/happy for me/laugh at me/try it out. Kirsty Godso put it together and she is a fricken machine. She told me at the start that by the end of it I would love fitness, so there’s that: NTC-6weeks-modified

*You might remember I am actually doing a running challenge at the moment too. That schedule I haven’t posted because I can’t do both at the same time or I’ll actually die, but I have used my ace Photoshop skills to paste in the Saturday schedule from the running training schedule, onto this NTC training schedule, because what I’m supposed to be doing is the normal NTC training during the week, then the Saturday running training, and skipping the Sunday NTC training if I want. Does that make sense? Good.

PPS: Finally, the person put together my running training schedule for me (not shown, aside from the Saturday’s above) is Lydia O’Donnell and guess what – she ran 31.2km on the 28th of March for fun and that very same day I did 4.51km and almost passed out LOL.