1. Maddy showed me this Vine of a girl who wants to take a nap (lol) and I can’t stop watching it on repeat, it’s fricken funny. Highly recommended. Watch it, it will only take up six seconds of your life.
  2. Big congratulations and love to my beautiful friend Lani and her now husband, Dave! I went to their wedding on Friday. Well, I tried to. The traffic was so bad it took us an hour and 45 minutes to get to the venue (in an Uber…!) and we actually missed the ceremony which was super, super dark for me and Ben (this part should actually be in the low(e)s) but we did have a really great time otherwise and there was caramel snickers popcorn that her sister made – added bonus.
  3. You know how yesterday I wrote my diary entry about my fitness stuff? Well I DID do that bloody interval training today and fuuuuuck it was way harder than I thought it would be but I DID IT. JUST DID IT. JUST DO IT.
  4. Last night I went to dinner at a restaurant I have wanted to try for years but never actually made the effort to: Ima. I went for a birthday dinner (Happy belated Birthday Henrietta!) and I am so glad that I finally tried the food at that place because it was SO GOOD! There’s a review of the restaurant in yesterday’s paper, coincidentally, and it is all correct. We had a sort of family style, shared meal which included a bunch of delicious salads and a whole snapper and slow-cooked lamb and chicken and fried haloumi, and this insane chocolate, hazelnut dessert. Please go, the food is very good and I don’t know for sure but it actually tasted quite healthy. I mean, I ate more vegetables than I usually ever do, because they tasted so good.
  5. Okay, I have moved on from The Jinx to The Staircase. I haven’t finished The Staircase but it is very similar to The Jinx – SO INTERESTING. SO CREEPY.
  6. Not sure if I posted this before because it is kind of old, but how great is this? Also, semi-related – HOW NICE IS THIS HOUSE?!
  7. I know Mother’s Day is a while away, but I went to this event that The Aromatherapy Company put on, and they have a range of special Mother’s Day products for sale and a percentage of the profits of those sales is going to the Mental Health Foundation to support Women’s Wellbeing and I think that is a really great thing so if you are stuck for a gift, this is a good idea.


  1. Missing the god damn wedding ceremony.
  2. Hearing that Maddy busted out a 5km run doing 6 min/km’s (which is basically my goal) today after doing one run a week ago. I mean, I am happy for her but also I have done four runs and I am still way slower than her so I am unhappy for me, lol. I have put it down to the fact that she is much younger than me. Still doesn’t really make me feel any better though.