Nike-LunarFlyknit3   My Nike Flyknit Lunar 3′s after my run today. I would’ve posted a photo of me but I looked terrible, so yeah.  

It has been one day and one week since I started my preparation for the NTC Tour in Sydney and let me tell you the honest truth, I am trying VERY HARD to stick to it. I actually wanted to post a picture of the training schedule I’ve been given but I don’t have a pdf of it at the moment. It basically is activity five days a week, including running which is good because I have also committed to trying to achieve a goal of running 5km in less than 30 minutes. That probably doesn’t sound very hard to most people but I am one slow mofo. I like to ‘walk-jog’. Anyway, back to the honest truth. So, I have been spending a disproportionately large amount of time envisioning myself in five weeks, rocking up to the NTC Tour in Sydney as this lean, mean machine that drinks like, green juices and eats those raw cheesecakes that are made out of nuts and coconut or whatever, and wears those Nike 3″ shorts aka hot pants. That has been my drive:

  • I ran-walked 3km on Monday, and then gave a really half-assed effort at Nike Training Club.
  • Tuesday was supposed to be a rest day but I did barre class because I was being a hard out.
  • Wednesday I went for a not great 3.5km run around Grey Lynn, which involved walking a good 200 metres uphill because I just couldn’t face it.
  • Thursday I fell off. (I had great intentions but then I got my hair cut and then I got my nails done and I thought it would be really sad to have to wash my hair after having it done. Pathetic, I know.)
  • Friday I had a proper excuse, I went to Lani‘s wedding! And I only ate one piece of wedding cake. Go me!
  • And now it’s Saturday. Today was my best training day because I woke up after the wedding thinking about how I hadn’t done any of my schedule for the last two days and was like, I NEED TO SHRED so I made Ben get up and run with me, which is actually really nice of him because he was half asleep and he had a massive headache and was not feeling it at all. WHATTA GUY. I was intending to do this 3.5km block around my house but I was feeling all good when I got to 3km that I left Ben to go home and did another kilometre on my own. How good is that? Then, at breakfast I had creamy mushrooms BUT I had tea instead of the iced coffee I was going to have. Then, because I was feeling so fitspo I went to Nike and bought a new pair of running tights. (I KNOW! WHO AM I EVEN?!)

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day but I am going to attempt that thing they call interval training because someone told me it makes you super fast and it’s one of the best ways to burn fat or whatever. For those who are feeling motivated by all this talk and want to give it a go, this is what they’ve told me to do:

  • 15 minute warm-up (easy). I think ‘easy’ means running slower than you would normally run but let’s face it, I’ll do a fast walk.
  • 30 seconds (faster), 30 seconds (slower) x 10. I think ‘faster’ means borderline sprinting. I would assume ‘slower’ is just like, a jog or whatever. 10 times sounds kind of a lot but it actually works out to only take 10 minutes all together which is the amount of time it would take me to drink a coffee.
  • 15 minute warm-down (easy).

HAPPY TRAINING EVERYONE! (Lol, I love how enthusiastic I am today about this after feeling so lazy for the whole rest of the week.)