Kirsty Godso – Nike Master Trainer and my guide to getting to the NTC Tour in Sydney without crashing and burning. 

In precisely 40 days I will be winging my way to Sydney. In my luggage I will have pretty much only gym gear. I will be taking a lot of deep breaths because the next day I will be taking part in the NTC Tour Sydney which involves approximately 5 hours of full on working out, and that is more working out than I have ever done in my life.

So that I don’t pass out the moment I start the event, I’ve been given a 7 week training schedule that’ll get me fit. This is all well and good if you are used to motivating yourself to leave the comforts of your bed and your laptop and the packet of chips on the side table to put yourself through a bunch of challenging physical movements. If you follow me on instagram or whatever, you’ll notice that I am not like that (YET). Some might wonder why I’m even bothering to commit to 7 weeks of training for what is essentially a trip to Sydney. The thing is, I like the idea of being ‘fitspo’ very much, but have never quite been able to achieve a consistent level of exercise that lasts longer than a few weeks. So this is my challenge. I can’t rely on my father’s genes forever. I am getting old. What better time to start than now when there are all these support networks in place to help me? For 7 weeks I will be running, jumping, press-uping, squatting, lunging 5 times a week, and I am telling the whole internet about it so now I have to do it.

I actually have to be straight with you and tell you that when I say this training starts now, I actually mean it started on Friday. It started at 7:00am on Friday at Nike+ Training Club, which is actually free and open to all women who want to attend (as long as you sign up in time). 7:00am is pretty early for someone like me, but I did it and I went to work straight after in my gym gear without having a shower. How gross it that? Anyway, the point is I DID IT. And then today I did a walk/run/walk/run/walk. Granted, it was a lot more ‘walk’ than it was ‘run’, but it still counts. LOOK AT ME GO! And guess what, tonight I’ll be going to Monday’s NTC (there’s NTC on Monday nights and Friday mornings in Auckland (as well as runs on Wednesday nights), but for those who don’t like working out in a public space in the middle of Britomart for everyone to see,  you can down the Nike+ Training Club app and it has all the workouts (and more) on there).

To finish, here are some pictures of what it looks like to go to NTC on Friday morning at 7:00am in Britomart:

1307 1311

Until next time… WISH ME LUCK!