Maddy Budd for B Coops/Mi Piaci. Photo/James K Lowe.


  1. On Wednesday I had a really great food day. Firstly, I was lucky enough to be invited to a G-Shock event which involved a really delicious lunch of duck and veal and fish and prawns and all sorts, and then for dinner the friendliest chef I’ve ever met named Stephen came over and cooked for me and Ben! It was dope, he cleaned up and everything. The whole chef thing was part of the promotion for NEON, which is a tv/movie streaming app made by Sky. The idea is that NEON helps you escape from reality. Anyway, you can enter to win your own chef for the night (or cleaner, or babysitter – it’s up to you) here.
  2. I started two Nike training programmes this week. The first one is a running one where by the end of 6 weeks of training I should be able to run 5km in less than 30 minutes (I know it’s not super fast, but it’s super fast for me!) and the second is something I will explain in a post tomorrow because it’s too long for this Highs and Low(e)s. The point is, I started doing fitness and I did 3 sessions in 2 days and I am hurting in muscles I never knew existed, BUT I’ve also got visions of me being super fitspo and being able to do heaps of press ups and stuff by the end of it so GO ME!
  3. Speaking of Nike - the Air Max Zero. Coming out on Air Max Day (26 March). Should I cop? Alternatively, what about these?
  4. There’s this Chinese restaurant kind of near my house and it sells what they call ‘Special Tofu’ and basically I think it’s tofu mixed with egg so it’s really silky, and they deep fry it so it’s crunchy on the outside, and serve it with this kind of soy-based sauce. Anyway, I had it the other night takeaway with rice because it is GR8 and in addition I had KFC chicken which I cut off the bone and put on my rice and yeah this sounds really weird but I put Japanese mayo on it and the whole meal was V GOOD.
  5. Tropical Juicies. Easily forgotten about, but super good.


  1. Adult acne. WHYYYYY?
  2. My eftpos card declined twice today.