Reneé (Clyne). All Photos/James K Lowe.

The first time we took pictures of Reneé was back in early March, 2013. That was actually the first time Reneé had had her picture taken at all (in a modelling capacity, obviously), that’s how new she was. A year and a half later it’s crazy to see how far she’s come. At NZFW just gone, she booked 16 shows – not bad at all.  So anyway, it seemed fitting we include her as part of this series of some of our favourite girls in Levi’s 501s, a tee (best plain off white tee comes from AS Colour), and Vans.

We went to this little outdoor gym type area in Cornwall Park. It was muddy and kind of cold and the jeans were a couple sizes too big, but you know, Reneé worked it. She even went on the monkey bars for us. It’s actually not surprising because she’s one of the easiest models I’ve ever dealt with. I remember back for that dungaree shoot I was worried she would be awkward and shy because it was her first shoot and there were a bunch of other models she didn’t know, but she is so friendly and personable that I would say she was the chattiest there. Also, she does the whole ‘skater boy’ look well. It’s a hard look to pull off but I think it suits her. Check her out:

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Reneé wears AS Colour Men’s Paper teeLevi’s Womens 501 and Vans Old Skool in Black.