Backstage at Celine Rita. Photos/Me and James K Lowe. (James’ are the super professional backstage ones.)

It’s done. I’m done. There is like one show tomorrow that I can’t make because I have a meeting so I am officially done. Have you seen me and James’ Viva coverage? If not, I hope you check it out because that’s where the best of James’ backstage photos have been going. But I’m done! I’M DONE! I’m feeling pretty giddy right now. Sounds stupid after only three days and René Vaile said I complain too much (I do) but it feels like I went on school camp and now I’m back home and I feel really great about it.

Here’s my day in pictures (and captions). Thanks for reading, guys.


Lydia (Red 11) and Indiana (RPD) backstage at Celine Rita. 


Bella (Clyne) getting her make-up done at Celine Rita.


Juliette Perkins (Red 11) in ITZME at the New Gen show. 


adidas Superstars in the ITZME part of the New Gen show. 



Emma Boyd (Clyne) post New Gen show.


Me and my coat twin Maddy Budd.


My white on white on white partner in crime, J Lowe._DSF1596

James and his backpack jacket. Backet. 


Natalie Cantell being street-styled, as per. 





Just me being a weirdo.


Jennifer and Mckenzie (Clyne) post New Gen show.


Marnie (Unique) backstage at COOP.


Tessa (Unique) and Elena (62 Models) backstage at COOP.


Trelise Cooper having her photo taken backstage at COOP.


Kelvin (Clyne) backstage at COOP.


Ella Corbin (Red 11) backstage at COOP.


Juliette (Red 11) backstage at COOP. 


Natalya (Clyne) backstage at COOP.


My seat at COOP.


Quick trip home to drop off some stuff, have a snack, blog, change up the day outfit. (Jeans were swapped out for Kate Sylvester pants worn with a Karen Walker belt, loafers swapped out for these Beau Coops Kingstone boots and Yankee fitted cap added.)

_DSF1633 _DSF1650

Sleepy sweet baby James in the Uber on the way to the Hailwood show. 


These bloody guys. Backstage antics. 



Kathryn (Red 11) backstage at Hailwood.


James, Rebecca and René in front of a rubbish bin.



Zoe and I found Toto’s pizza backstage (for the Kate Sylvester models’ dinner). We stole some. This is our stolen pizza.


The MAC fashion week lockers. 


Bloody Renee (Clyne) photobombed this shot of Natarsha (Kirsty Bunny/Red 11).


Waiting. And more waiting. 


L-R backstage at Kate Sylvester: Mackenzie (Unique), Renee (Clyne), Marnie (Unique) and Natarsha (Kirsty Bunny/Red 11).


Nick (Red 11) backstage at Kate Sylvester. 



Racks backstage at Kate Sylvester.


Mood board.


Natarsha (Kirsty Bunny/Red 11) backstage at Kate Sylvester.


Mackenzie (Unique) and Zara (Clyne) backstage at Kate Sylvester.



Natarsha (Kirsty Bunny/Red 11) and Amberley (Red 11) backstage at Kate Sylvester.


Kate Sylvester shoe/sock combo. Stan Smiths in the back. 


Kate Sylvester shoe/sock combo. (Plus awesome shorts.)

_MG_4538 _MG_4480

Fred (62 Models) backstage at Kate Sylvester.


Run through at Kate Sylvester.





Daymmmmm Rene Vaile backstage at Kate Sylvester.


Remy (Clyne) at Kate Sylvester.


Hand thrown confetti made from pages of books (spot the guy throwing it).



Fred (62 Models) at Kate Sylvester.


Finale at Kate Sylvester!


Maddy Budd, after a long as day, the end of fashion week, dead. 

Over and out!