Watercolours at the AIM launch. Photos/Me and James K Lowe.

It’s 11:54pm right now. It’s kind of late. Well, I mean it’s not super late but look, I’m not going to lie – I got home about 45 minutes ago and had a shower, washed my hair, went through a bunch of images with James and now I’m on this bloody computer and I know I have to write a bunch of shit and I just cannot be fucked. I do not know how any media go to after parties during fashion week. How is there time? It’s been a long as day. It started at 10:00am at the AIM presentation at Huffer’s space off Queen Street and ended at Zambesi which showed at around 10:00pm tonight. One show was running late and it pushed the whole schedule back. I feel like an asshole complaining right now when I know a tonne of people would love to take my place and go to fashion week but I’M JUST SO TIRED GUYS. That being said, I know if I don’t post these pictures now, I never will. ALSO, big ups to Kingsize for having great gear to hire, without which James could not produce such stunning photographs. (You will know which ones are his because they have a flash and they’re a thousand times better than mine.)

So, here we go, 50 billion photos from today for you. (PS. I finished this just now, it’s 1:20am):



Rene Vaile and his assistant, Frances Carter, backstage. 


Kathryn (Red 11) backstage in Pardon My French.


Tessa (Unique) backstage in Lucy McIntosh.


Natarsha (Kirsty Bunny/Red 11) backstage in Pardon My French. 


Bec (Red 11) backstage in Pardon My French.


Yaya (international with 62 Models) backstage in Pardon My French.


Esther (Clyne) in the make-up chair.


Bella (Clyne) backstage snacking.


Front row at the Pardon My French / Lucy McIntosh show.


Roses on front row seats. 


Remy (international at Clyne) in Lucy McIntosh.


Eden (62 Models) supports gay marriage. 




Helena and Ariel (Red 11) just being the crazy cats they are.


My best brother and photographer, James, wearing socks and sandals.


Oh it’s me AGAIN.


Frances on our ramen excursion. 


Frances took the above photo without knowing the camera was on some weird setting. 


Ditto the above caption.


Holly (Red 11) backstage at Pia Boutique.


Backstage at Pia Boutique.


Socks and adidas slides at Pia Boutique.


Stripes at Pia Boutique.


Two Russian models (Kelvin and Natalya at Clyne) post-Pia Boutique show.


Alex Catarinella’s amazing nails.


Alex hoodsup.


James hoodsup.


Natalie and I had matching Beau Coops x Karen Walker loafers today. 


The return of Hapifriend.


A closer look at James’ socks/sandals combo.


Lydia (Red 11) backstage at Andrea Moore.



Zara (Clyne) outside the shows. Pity I didn’t notice that sticker in her hair, she looks fucking good.


Zara feat. Hapifriend.


Bloggers, photographers, illustrators.


Lani in a full length J Ho skirt.


Lani again.


A model from Wellington, forget his name, cool guy.


Backstage at Juliette Hogan. 

_DSF1474 _DSF1476

Amazing backstage food at Juliette Hogan.


Rene Vaile again. I just never know if that guy hates me or loves me. It is so hard to tell. 


Maia (62 Models) backstage at Juliette Hogan.


Run through at Juliette Hogan.


Kelvin (Clyne), Helena and Mirella (62 Models) backstage at Juliette Hogan.



All White New Balance Everything backstage at Juliette Hogan.


Murray Bevan, seating extraordinaire, guzzling that sponsor Red Bull.


Penny Pickard (Red 11) being made up. 


Connie backstage.



Sophia F (62 Models).


Renee (Clyne).


Juliette (Red 11) doing her best Hapifriend sticker impression.


Mirella (62 Models).


I don’t know what I did here, but it looks cool.




Tommy Staton at Stephen Marr, doing hair at Zambesi. 


James teaching Marie (Clyne) how to be a photographer backstage at Zambesi. 


Marie (Clyne) backstage at Zambesi.


Valentina (international with 62 Models) waiting backstage at Zambesi.



Michael (Clyne) backstage at Zambesi.

_MG_3899 _MG_3926

Marie (Clyne) and Tess (Unique) backstage at Zambesi.


Lauren (international at Clyne) with Ariki (Kirsty Bunny) backstage at Zambesi.




Remy (international with Clyne) in Zambesi.


Wilson (Clyne) at Zambesi.


Marie (Clyne) at Zambesi.


Zambesi team watching the monitors backstage.