NOM*D. Photos/Me and James K Lowe

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a long time, you’ll notice that there wasn’t much action going on today compared to previous years. This is partly because I don’t know whether I want to try to compete with big publications when getting photos up quickly, and partly because this year James and I are actually contributing to Vivaso we’ve got other things to do and other people to answer to (check our coverage (and theirs) here).

That being said I have been taking a few snaps around the place, so here’s a photo diary of my day today in full chronological order (interspersed with some outtakes from James):


Valentina Ruby (international with 62 Models) backstage at NOM*D. 


Marie (Clyne), Ella and Monica (Red 11) in NOM*D. 


James shooting backstage. 


René Vaile shooting backstage at Shen.


Amber, Hannah and Dominique (62 Models) backstage at Shen.


James in shooting mode – big ups to Kingsize for the gear!


My mate Alex Catarinella, all the way from New York.


Mary (RPD).


Devon (62 Models).


Me, featuring man in car boot in background.


Danny (FourEyes).


Connie (KisforKani), cutest blogger around. 


Samantha Shorter (62 Models).


Illustrator Kelly Thompson.






Connie again because she’s so cute. 




Saveja (Clyne) wearing Meadowlark at Underground.



Rachel Rutt (international with 62 Models) wearing Meadowlark at Underground.


Marie (Clyne) wearing Meadowlark at Underground.


Helena (62 Models).


Emma (Clyne) in Jimmy D at Underground.

 _DSF1197 _DSF1198

Eden (62 Models)


Jay (Clyne).


Free Water.


Natarsha (Kirsty Bunny/Red 11) backstage at Salasai. 


Juliette (Red 11) in Salasai.


Great shoe sock combo at Salasai.


Anna Lee from Viva.


Me in flat shoes, flanked by Elena (62 Models) and Monica (Red 11) in heels. 


Bec (Red 11), Indiana (RPD), someone tell me this girl’s name… backstage at Trelise Cooper.


Monica (Red 11) backstage at Trelise Cooper.


My seat at Trelise Cooper. 


Photographers pit.


Cultural appropriation at Trelise Cooper, featuring Devon (62 Models). 


Cowboys and Indians theme continues at Trelise Cooper, featuring Jenny (Vanity Walk).


Food backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club.


Hannah (Red 11) on the phone.


James in a shower stall backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club.


Renee (Clyne) in the bathroom aka dressing room backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club.


Sophie Blazey (Clyne) backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club.


Paul (Red 11) backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club. Fun fact: I used to go to the same dance school as Paul, like 10 years ago when he was like, 12 years old.




Wilson (Clyne) backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club.


Thistle Brown.


Natarsha (Kirsty Bunny) and Sophie (Red 11) goofing around backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club.


Marnie Harris (Unique) working it. 


Marnie Harris (Unique).


Me and Lani, bloglife and all. 


Renee (Clyne) with her Red Bull. 


Lily (Clyne) backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club.


The greatest hair guy around, Richard Kavanagh, featuring his head light.  


Marie ‘I’m freezing but I’ll smile for you’ Everth (Clyne).



Remy (international with Clyne). 


Kathryn (Red 11) with her Red Bull.

_DSF1309 _DSF1317

More backstage stuff.


Alex (Red 11).


Juliette (Red 11). 


Marie (Clyne). 


James, never not shooting.