Ashleigh Good, not part of RPD’s NZFW Show Package, but still in attendance. Images/Supplied.

RPD Models is a small agency but they’ve got a heavy hitter by the name of Ashleigh Good. Scouted at a bus stop on Auckland’s North Shore in November of 2011, she was 3 months later doing a Givenchy exclusive. She’s walked Chanel nine seasons in a row, for god’s sake. It’s insane. Anyway, you may remember all that excitement a month ago about her closing the Chanel Haute Couture in a full state of pregnancy. Yeah, well, that’s a thing. It may be stopping her from modelling right now, but it hasn’t stopped her from being involved with New Zealand Fashion Week:

This year we are celebrating Ashleigh Good, the growing RPD Model family. Ashleigh is a mentor to the New Faces and we are so happy to have her here for the casting and she will be attending NZFW as a delegate and representative of RPD Models.” – Rose Packard-Dube, owner and founder of RPD Models.

Cool huh?

Anyway, moving on. I got sent this sneak peek at RPD’s show package, and based soley on pictures, my ones to watch would be Mary Maguet – the face of Karen Walker’s current lookbook, Shannon Cook, a girl I haven’t seen lately but have always thought had a really interesting face, and maybe even Indiana Cooper or Elizabeth Timings as a couple of new face wild cards. When it comes to boys, my pick would be Morgan Cadell. He’s only 6′ but he’s got such good bone structure.

Check them all out below: