Juliette Perkins in Red Eleven’s NZFW Show Package. Images/Supplied.

I’ve saved the biggest show package for last. Since acquiring N Model Management, Red 11‘s model count has increased a tonne, so it’s not surprising that they have 73 show cards for this year’s fashion week. There are a few too many models of note to mention, so I’m just going to talk about a few of them. Firstly, Juliette Perkins – I’m pretty sure this is her NZFW debut and I think she’s Red 11′s new face to watch. She’s 5’11″, lean, and I can tell you first hand she’s a breeze to work with.

Ella Corbin came from N Models, she’s also a new(ish) face I think will do well based on the work she’s gathered so far this year. Same goes with Natarsha Orsman and Monica Cronin who both recently signed to IMG. Alex Stokes and Maxine are both models I have always found had a cool look, so I hope they book something this year. And as a bit of a wild card, I’ve never seen Ash Cole before, but I think if she’s got a good walk I think she’s got potential.

On the male front, I feel like I’ve heard a lot about this Djordje so I think he’ll be popular based on that. Dane Bell is edgy and has that whole European vibe, and David Holworthy is a guy I tried to scout outside a store in Britomart one time. I think he’s got a good look and a sort of ‘charm’ about him. Paul W also looks like he could be perfect for some of the edgier New Zealand brands (also, kind of unrelated, but I totally went to the same dance school as that guy. He was way younger than me but I remember he was good at tap. That is all.)

Finally, there are a few seasoned models thrown in there – Ngahuia, Penny Pickard, Siannon, Liv O’Driscoll to an extent. You’ll see even Jaime Ridge is giving this a go. Check out the full package below:

Alex StokesRed11-2
Ash Cole
Red11-4 Red11-5 Red11-6 Red11-7 Red11-8
Dane Bell

Davids HolwerdaDJ


Red11-9Red11-10ella Red11-11 Red11-12 Red11-13 Red11-14 Red11-15 Jaimie Red11-17 Red11-18 Red11-19 Red11-20 Red11-21Maxine Anderson monicaRed11-22Red11-23 natarshaRed11-24Red11-25Red11-26Red11-27Red11-28Red11-29Red11-30Red11-31Red11-32Red11-33