Rachel Rutt (Chic), one of 62 Models’ internationals in their NZFW Show Package for 2014. Images/Supplied.

Seeing as New Zealand Fashion Week is a mere 2.5 weeks away and the official casting is this Saturday, I thought it relevant to post the NZFW show packages from some of the local modelling agencies, highlighting a few of the people I think will do well this year, are of note, or just look plain interesting to me. I don’t think I’m an authority on models, but I am interested in the industry and think I know a little bit about it, so I hope that some of the people I mention get booked! (Especially since half of the things I’m saying are based on photos alone.)

There have been a few changes in the industry of late – Nova was bought by Clyne, Red 11′s founder/co-owner Amanda Betts left and the agency acquired N Model Management soon after, Monarch Models disappeared to I have no idea where, Unique Model Management popped up, and 62 Models’ founder Sara Tetro sold her business to her head booker. PHEW.

Anyway, trucking right along, below is this year’s show package from 62 Models. Note the inclusion of Chic’s well-known Rachel Rutt as their international, alongside Valentina Ruby (also from Chic, currently the face of RUBY’s SS14-15 campaign). One would assume Rachel’s will only be available for direct bookings, but who knows. Others to note: young and upwardly mobile girls, Asena and Kizzie – both 5’11″, Eden who has done a few stints in Sydney this year, Elena who I find really interesting and have seen around a lot more lately, Mirella – who as you can probably tell, is NZNTM winner Christobelle’s sister – and has a good walk, and Lauren who I’ve never seen before but stands out to me because she’s got an interesting face and is tall and has good measurements. On the boys end, Mack has returned from a pretty successful season in Europe so I imagine he’ll be popular, and I don’t know because I haven’t seen him in a long time, but I’m hoping this is Levi’s comeback! Check out these guys and the other great girls and guys, below:

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